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Fake University of California Degree

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University of California Degree

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Since its founding, the University of California has agreed on the goal of building a world-class university by embracing an inclusive, liberal approach and bringing together talented people from all over the world.

The University of California is known for academic freedom and student autonomy. There are no constraints from conservative tradition, no impenetrable rules; In this land of freedom, you can think all you want and explore the future world freely. Here, even if others don’t agree with you, your ideas will always be respected. It is because of this freedom of thought that countless great ideas and discoveries have been conceived and matured here. This precious tradition has been cherished by successive presidents of the University of California, who have never relinquished the protection of the University’s liberal tradition even when it clashed with the realities of the American world.

Looking back at the history, it is precisely because of the tradition of freedom that the university can maintain the spirit of constant innovation and continuous progress, which is fully reflected in the construction of new disciplines: Berkeley has opened a large number of courses and research projects of emerging disciplines, and adjusted the original subject scope, adding many new subject areas. While accelerating the development of various disciplines, the university has also made every effort to recruit talents from all over the world. Through the means of high salary, coupled with excellent working environment and free and open academic atmosphere, it has recruited a large number of famous professors and scholars, among whom there are nearly 100 Nobel Prize winners. The University of California is recognized as one of the top universities in the world because of its spirit of education, which embodies a sincere concern for society, a strong moral obligation, respect for individual rights and freedoms, and a pragmatic approach to the realization of ideals.