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University of Wales Trinity Saint David Diploma

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The University of Wales Trinity Saint David is a medium-sized public comprehensive university. Founded in 1828, it has two campuses in Lampeter and Carmarthen, Wales. It is not one of the Russell Group or 1994 Group universities. The University of Wales, Trinity St. Davy is a new university founded by the merger of Lampeter University and the University of Wales Trinity College. But Trinity St Davy has the same long history and heritage as the University of Wales. At Trinity St Davy, students can earn degrees from Higher National Diplomas, undergraduate degrees, to Masters in Teaching courses, and research opportunities up to PhD level. The school has undergraduate, graduate and MBA education systems. The main disciplines are: Law and Humanities, Business and Management, Archaeology, Anthropology, Ancient History, Theology, Computing and Multimedia, Media and Design, Health and Social Care, Social Sciences, Exercise and Training, Engineering and Technology, Science, Leisure and Tourism, Marketing/Public Relations, etc.  And at Trinity St Davy, there are experienced seniors to help, graduates with degrees from the University of Wales and the only school in the UK to offer an MBA in arts management. Trinity St Davy has two campuses, Carmarthen and Lampeter. Lampeter Campus has more than students, the geographical location is good, convenient transportation.Located in the heart of the market town of Lampeter, the University of Wales Lampeter Campus is a close-knit campus offering considerable and secure green space. Its closest airport is Cardiff, its closest railway station is Carmathen; Aberystwyth. Carmarthen Campus is an excellent place for international students to study and live. With a series of facilities such as library and dormitory, overseas students can feel warm outside.

David Trinity College (Universityof Wales Lampeter) is a federal comprehensive university with a history of more than one hundred years, and the Universityof Wales Lampeter (Lampeter) is one of its branches, which originated from David Street College in 1822. After Oxford and Cambridge, the founding fathers of Scottish universities, the University of Wales Lampeter College Campus is the oldest university institution in Wales and is one of the ten colleges of the University Union of Wales. It was founded as St. Davis College in 1827 and began offering bachelor’s degrees in 1865. The long tradition, distinctive buildings and the location on the outskirts of town give the college its distinctive character.

Trinity St Davids, formerly known as the University of Wales Lampeter College is the oldest higher education institution in Wales. After Oxford and Cambridge, it is one of the oldest degree-granting institutions in England and Wales. The college is set in a beautiful rural Welsh countryside, with plenty of student activities but something for everyone. Overseas students account for 15% of the students in the school. The community atmosphere is friendly and you will feel the warmth of family here. Since becoming a member of the University of Wales Union in 1971, Lampeter College has been developing a wide range of degree courses and new buildings and campuses to meet the growing demand for education. The total number of births is about 9,000. The school takes “people-oriented” as its teaching philosophy. The dominant subject is liberal arts. Many of the most famous literary works in history were written by scholars and experts in the humanities and social sciences at the University of Wales. The university has international students from all over the world, because the number of students in each campus is not large, so each student can receive the most comprehensive care, high-quality teachers and small class teaching are conducive to improving the quality of teaching.

If you want to eat well and stay well, the best option is to stay in a private room, which is also cheaper (£30) compared to £60 for the university’s student accommodation. The school’s main library has a collection of 200,000 books, including 530 magazines. There is also a large selection of DVDS. The welfare office is located on campus in The Willows(a small white room along the river). The staff is professional in dealing with any student concerns. The university doctor’s clinic has a student nurse who helps with all student concerns, large and small. Lampeter does not have first-class shops and high consumption environment, which reduces the financial burden for students.