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Fake Freie Universität Berlin Diploma

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Freie Universität Berlin Diploma

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The University of Berlin is a famous historical university in Germany. During the Cold War, the former University of Berlin on Unter den Linden was transferred to East Berlin and ruled by the Soviet-led socialist camp. In order to pursue academic freedom, some teachers and students of the former University of Berlin left and founded the free University of Berlin in West Berlin with the support of the Western camp such as the United States and Britain, which became the academic center of West Germany.

Many excellent research programs of Freie Universitat Berlin receive special funding from the government. The teaching and research fields of Freie Universitat Berlin are very broad. Most of the postgraduate courses are for young researchers, providing them with corresponding research-oriented teaching. The university also pays attention to the training of international doctoral students, and provides English instruction in the natural sciences (such as chemistry, biology, physics, pharmacy, etc.). But for students who wish to study in the humanities and social sciences, proficiency in German is one of the requirements for admission.

Scholars and students studying at Freie Universitat Berlin benefit greatly from the wealth of research institutions, museums and libraries in Berlin. As the capital of Germany, Berlin is not only a diversified scientific and cultural city, but also a bridge of communication between East and West Europe. A variety of cultural, sports and leisure activities are held here every year.

Freie Universitat Berlin was founded for academic freedom, and “true, fair, free” became the motto that influenced the history of the university.