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Get Fake Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia STPM Transcript

Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia Transcript, Buy Fake Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia Transcript

Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia STPM Transcript

The Malaysian Higher Diploma in Education (STPM) is one of the main qualifications for applying to the local national university. Students generally take Form 6 or Pre-University courses to prepare for the STPM examination. The so-called pre-college courses, as the name implies, fake Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia STPM Transcript, are the preparation courses before entering the university. The curriculum is similar to that of the university, and the subjects taken are also oriented towards the major department of the university. For example, students who plan to go to engineering are required to take science subjects such as physics, mathematics, and chemistry in their pre-college courses. buy fake Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia STPM Transcript. Students who intend to study business studies should choose commercial subjects such as business theory, accounting, mathematics and Chinese. The source/subject chosen in Form 6 determines the available subjects in the university. Therefore, in choosing the source/subject, fake Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia STPM diploma, you should carefully consider which subjects are more beneficial to your future university application and study. NOTE: Candidates with STPM qualification are required to sit for the Malaysian University English Proficiency Test (MUET) and achieve Band 1 or above before applying to local national universities. get fake Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia STPM Transcript.

Course Content

STPM is mainly divided into two sources, namely Jurusan Sains and Jurusan Sains Sosial.

Apart from the normal paper (Pengajian Am), which is compulsory, there are 22 subjects for arts and science students to apply for, including Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, Lamelvin, Malay Literature, English Literature, Geography, History, Economics, Business, Accounting, Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Information and Communication Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Fine Arts, Sports Science, etc.

Students are required to take at least 4 subjects (including ordinary papers), but not more than 5 subjects.

The courses offered by each secondary school vary.

Years of study

About a year and a half, plus the waiting time for school to start and the list to be released, will take about two years.

Evaluation system

In 2012, it began to implement the semester system, with one semester per half year and three semesters in total. There will be a final exam in each semester, and the score points of the three semesters will be accumulated as the final score of STPM. Test scores account for 60 to 80 percent and homework scores for 20 to 40 percent.

Students who are not satisfied with their final results and want to achieve better results can apply to the Malaysia Examination Board to retake the papers for Terms 1 and 2 in the third semester (November), but cannot apply to retake the papers for Term 3. After retaking the test, the best scores will be used.

Eligibility for Application

Diploma of Education (SPM) with a minimum C in Malay Arts.

NOTE: Some schools will specially handle cases where science students fail to obtain a C in Malay Arts, or students may retake Malay until they obtain a C or above before applying.

To choose liberal arts (Sains Sosial), Students must study in the SPM Group subject (Kumpulan Mata Pelajaran) (including Bahasa Malaysia, English, Bahasa Malaysia or English literature, history, geography or fine arts, visual communication or drama or design or music or dance, etc., Islamic Education or moral Education, Mathematics or Advanced mathematics, accounting, science, advanced science or Applied science and other languages such as Chinese) with at least three C’s or above, And the total points should not exceed 12 points.

NOTE: Those with more than 12 points can appeal. If there is a vacancy in their state, they will be promoted to Form 6.

To choose Science (Sains), students must obtain at least three C’s or above in SPM Group subjects (including Mathematics or Advanced Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Engineering Drawing or Mechanical Engineering or Civil Engineering Research or Electrical and Electrical Engineering or Invention and Design or Sports Science or Computer Science or Home Economics or Agricultural Crafts or Image Communication), And the total points should not exceed 18 points.

If you do not meet the above criteria, you can still apply for some Secondary 6 courses in private secondary schools (the eligibility may vary from school to school, please check with each school) or apply for STPM as a private candidate.