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Hong Kong Chu Hai College fake diploma

Hong Kong Chu Hai College diploma

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HONG KONG Chu Hai College (hereinafter referred to as “HKCHC”) is an accredited post-secondary college in Hong Kong, China, with bachelor’s degree and above awarding qualifications. Zhuhai College was originally established as the “private Zhuhai University” in Guangzhou in 1947. The original site of the school is Zhushi Gang two Road, Dongshan District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, with a long history. Because of its namesake with Zhuhai City, the outside world will easily misunderstand Zhuhai College and Zhuhai City in Guangdong province. The college was founded in 1947 and named Zhuhai, hoping that the students could be as bright as “pearls” and as deep as “sea”. Compared with Zhuhai city, which was founded in 1979, it was named “Zhuhai” earlier. In order to eliminate misunderstandings, it was renamed “Hong Kong Zhuhai College” in December 2022.

Hong Kong Zhuhai College offers 10 degree programmes recognised by the Hong Kong Government, including: Ba (Hons) in Chinese Literature, BA (Hons) in Journalism and Communication, BA (Hons) in Accounting and Banking, BA (Hons) in Business Administration, BA (Hons) in Finance and Finance, BA (Hons) in Business Information, BA (Hons) in Civil Engineering, BSC (Hons) in Architecture, BSC (Hons) in Information Science and BSC (Hons) in Accounting and Banking Bachelor of Architecture (Hons).
In addition, Zhuhai College in Hong Kong also offers two sub-degree programmes: Associate Degree Programme in Information Science and Associate Degree Programme in General Studies. Diploma programmes: 1-year Diploma in Computer Science and 2-year Diploma in Computer Science.
Master’s and doctoral programs

The master’s degree program offers 12 professional directions, namely South China History and Culture, Applied Buddhist Studies, Chinese Studies, Applied Finance, civil engineering, architecture, Business Administration (Entrepreneurial management), International Relations of Belt and Road countries, International Business Administration of Belt and Road countries, Global Communication, Art and Creative Technology and Digital Communication, and Applied Technology of Creative Industries.
Courses are offered by each institute in accordance with the requirements of Taiwan’s education department, and the enrollment of doctoral programs has been suspended in 2020.