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Founded in the 1960s to increase the number of British universities, Warwick has rapidly grown to become one of the country’s top institutions, offering a wide range of traditional courses. Don’t be misled by the name, historically Warwick is quite close, but the University of Warwick is actually located in the lovely and beautiful suburb of Coventry! The University of Warwick is located on the border of the inland west and Warwickshire, about three miles from Coventry and an hour and a half by train (two hours by car) to London. The campus is located in a 300 hectare natural countryside, with lakes, forests and beautiful gardens, providing a relaxing environment after studying. In addition to the natural scenery, there are many cultural attractions, such as Birmingham’s busy shopping centres, entertainment venues and Shakespeare’s House in Stratford. The University consists of three schools: College of Arts, College of Science and College of Social Sciences. Warwick is the UK’s leading research university and has consistently scored highly in recent assessments of teaching and research quality, with pure mathematics,, computer science and history scoring 5* in the research score. 5 points were awarded to departments including Biological Sciences, Statistics and Applied Studies, Economics and Metrology, Social Work, Sociology, Business and Management Studies, French, Communications, Culture and Media Studies, Drama, Dance and Performing Arts. The school has about 30,000 students and nearly 5,000 faculty members, of whom about 33% are international students.

Coventry, Leamington and Kenilworth are easily accessible by Travel Coventry’s the number 12 buses and Stagecoach’s U1/U2 buses. You have to prepare your own change for the number 12 bus. It is usually £1.50 one way, £2.90 for a day ticket, £2.20 for a night ticket (after 6pm) and £6.50 for a family ticket (for five adults). If you don’t live on campus or drive, you can save a lot by buying two company bus passes for the year or semester at a time. Travel Coventry is cheaper than Stagecoach, but has fewer trains.

Parking is a bit more uncertain and if you get up early you can usually find a parking space but it can be quite expensive. If you want to go further, you’d better choose the train. Birmingham city centre is just 20 minutes away by train, and Coventry and Leamington are both on the west coast, making it easy to get to London by train.

The school has a wide variety of dormitories for most first-year students, a large percentage of final year students, and some graduate students. The following takes Roots as an example:

For first-year undergraduates only. Roots is considered to be the most active dormitory on campus, as most people are very social, so it is generally lively. There is a quiet area on the top floor, and the residence counselors are there. Roots are particularly close to the student Union.

The Roots are divided into three parts: Old Rootes, New Rootes and International House The rooms are the right size, each with a sink. The kitchen is small, shared by about 16 people, but the adjoining common room is large with 2 fridges, 1 freezer and plenty of cupboards. Each floor has a shower room, toilet and powder room. There are few lines for showers.

TV reception is poor unless you share the TV in the kitchen, where only the antenna is plugged in, and you can share the licence fee. To install a TV in a room you need a TV licence and an antenna, but the signal is not good.

Cleaning crews come every day to empty bins and clean bathrooms and kitchens. When it’s your turn to clean your room, they put a sign on your door the day before so you can schedule a time to go out and have your room free. The laundromat is also close. The rent is 70 pounds a week, 700 pounds a term, 2,100 pounds a year. It’s only available for 30 weeks.