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Fake Illinois Institute of Technology Degree

Illinois Institute of Technology Degree, Fake Illinois Institute of Technology Degree

Illinois Institute of Technology Degree

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Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), founded in 1890, is a comprehensive private university of science and technology located in downtown Chicago.

The university has seven schools: Amor School of Engineering, School of Architecture, School of Design, Kent School of Law, Stewart School of Business and so on. Among them, the School of Design and the School of Architecture inherited the German Bauhaus and Bauhaus master Ludwig Mies van der Rohe; Moholi Nagy’s design thought and rigorous academic attitude, as the center of global modern design in the 20th century, has cultivated a number of well-known architects and designers.

IIT is located in the heart of Chicago, the third largest city in the United States. In this commercial city with world-class cultural heritage such as art, architecture, sports and music, you can truly experience the spiritual shock and enlightenment brought by the unique humanistic spirit of this city. Chicago is known as the “Museum of World Architecture and art”. The city not only preserves the early traditional Western European architecture, but also has spectacular modern skyscrapers. The layout of the city is suitable and orderly. Chicago, as the “mother of industry” in the United States, has emerged a series of high-tech corridors in recent years, replacing the dying sunset industry, attracting a large number of talents and capital from all over the world. One third of the world’s top 500 enterprises set up their institutions in Chicago, which makes the students of Illinois Institute of Technology, a well-known local university, There are more opportunities to find business and development space. Chicago has developed in education, culture, science and technology, news and entertainment, and is the center of higher education in the middle of the United States.