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INSA LYON Certificate

The French Institute of Engineering plays an important role in the higher education system of France and is an important support for the country’s engineering governance. The title of engineer has a high status in France, buy fake INSA LYON Certificate, where the title of “engineer” is protected by law and is a symbol of reputation. In France, a fresh graduate engineer earns around 35,000 euros a year, while a young university lecturer with a PhD earns less than 20,000 euros a year, and a master’s in economic management starts at around 25,000 euros in the private sector. French society has an almost cult-like identity for engineer certificates, fake INSA LYON Certificate, and graduates of engineering schools have high employment rates and social status. For more than 200 years, the French engineering education system has produced outstanding national leaders such as Mitterrand, Chirac and Jospin, as well as several Nobel Prize winners. According to economists, oder fake INSA LYON Certificate, Take Fake INSA LYON Certificate, 60 percent of the ceos and most of the senior executives at France’s top 200 companies come from France’s elite colleges.

As the French engineer education system, only the top 10% of high school graduates are eligible to apply for the preparatory school of the Engineer Institute. After the preparatory study and passing various examinations during this period, these students can take part in the selection examination of the various engineering colleges. This kind of examination has different selection criteria according to the nature of the different universities, but the most basic principle of each engineering college is “survival of the fittest, selection of the best”. As a result, the number of students who go on to further their education in the engineering college is very small. They are among the top 10% of high school graduates in the country, the so-called “best of the best”. There are 224 engineering colleges in France, which are divided into three – and five-year colleges. The number of graduates of the diploma is less than 30,000 each year. The graduates are widely respected around the world and have cultivated a large number of high-quality talents who master both high and new technology and management.

The higher education system of France is not only different from China, but also greatly different from the education system of Britain and the United States, which is usually introduced more. It is the outstanding and typical education system in Europe. The French engineer education system has a unique position in the French higher education system. There is no equivalent in the higher education system of other countries, except for the European and American master’s degree when corresponding to the European and American degree.

INSA Lyon has a high level of scientific research and technology development capabilities, close cooperation with the business community, more than 720 doctoral and post-doctoral staff, research funding is rich. Its 21 laboratories play a very important role in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Most of its laboratories are joint research units of the national research institutes (CNRS), INRIA, INRA, INSERM and INRETS). It has carried out fruitful research in 6 disciplines including mechanics, life science, information Science and technology, electronics, materials and civil engineering.