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Fake IU Internationale Hochschule Degree

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IU Internationale Hochschule Degree

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The undergraduate program at IU International University is taught in English (German is optional). English teaching language advantage is obvious, Chinese students from the burden of language prep, during the actual undergraduate study period can minor in German. For the majority of Chinese senior high school graduates to go to Germany for undergraduate study convenience.

Elite education

The highly qualified faculty, the fully accredited degree program, and the high gold content of the German diploma are highly recognized in countries around the world. The cost of studying abroad is lower than that of Britain, America, Australia, Canada and other countries, and the high cost performance makes the working class families can also afford it.

Shorter school system

Full English teaching, multi-professional participation in the project, 3 years of short schooling. The combination of theory and practice is characterized by training and application, and closely combined with German industry is conducive to employment. After the bachelor’s degree, he can continue the relevant major of our university.

Employment opportunity

The university is located in Berlin, the capital of Germany, and Bad Honev (Cologne Bonn metropolitan area), which is the economic, political and cultural center of Germany. The university regularly holds a variety of multi-level enterprise job fairs and meetings, has a job center and cooperates with more than 6,000 German enterprises to create favorable conditions for students’ employment.

Logistics support The school has its own property rights, student dormitories, libraries, student cafeterias, language centers, cooperative student villages, etc., so as to relieve students and parents of worries.

Diversified professional Settings to meet the development needs of different industries

Most business schools or universities in Germany provide a master’s degree system of one and a half years or two years, IU International University pioneered a one-year master’s course, compared with other German business schools or German universities, in terms of learning time and costs have saved half a year to a year’s budget.

In addition to traditional business majors (such as management, finance, marketing, human resources), IU International University also offers a variety of disciplines according to today’s global economic environment, market demand for talents, industry characteristics, etc. For example, logistics and supply chain management, aviation management, hotel (hotel, tourism) management, IT, big data analysis, computer science, engineering management, network security, etc., to meet the needs of different professional backgrounds or different industry development students.

Even students who need to cross-major or who lack language skills can still strengthen their knowledge and language level through the undergraduate or master’s program at IU International University.