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Fake Johns Hopkins University Degree

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Johns Hopkins University Degree

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The Latin motto of Johns Hopkins University, Veritas vos liberabit, which means “The truth shall make you free,” is from John 8:32.

The university coat of arms, the family crest of Maryland’s founder Lord Baltimore on an oak branch in the center, with the books and earth symbolizing artistic and scientific research. In order to further enhance the overall brand awareness of Johns Hopkins University worldwide and to better attract top talent from around the world, the University launched the Johns Hopkins Identity Initiative in 2013.

The idea behind the Identity Initiative is to unify and strengthen Johns Hopkins for the benefit of all alumni. Around this core concept of “wholeness and unity”, and using the old school crest (reserved for use at major events, such as graduations) as a cornerstone, Hopkins improved upon the previous separate logos of colleges and institutions within the university and designed a whole new set of logos. The University’s leadership understands that the strength and brand of the University comes from the integration of its various components, and that a new and intrinsically cohesive logo helps to convey the overall impression of Johns Hopkins to the community and the world. The new crest, blue at the beginning, draws on the best of the old crest and presents the entire Johns Hopkins identity in the most concise way: the “books” at the top symbolize knowledge and research, the “Earth” on the left emphasizes global leadership, and the “Maryland State flag” on the right symbolizes the realization of social values.