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Fake Kaplan Business School Diploma

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Kaplan Business School Diploma

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Kaplan Business School Australia is a division of Kaplan International Education Group, a subsidiary of The Washington Post Company and a global leader in lifelong education. With 4,000 locations around the world, Kaplan Business School provides education and career services to individuals, schools and businesses.

Curriculum setting

Diploma of commerce – Part 1

Duration: Morethan 1 year up to and including 3 years

Diploma of commerce – Part 2

Duration: Morethan 3 months up to and including 1 year

It is convenient for students graduating from the third year of high school to study directly. The course is equivalent to the starting point of the first year and lasts for one year. Successful business Diploma students are eligible to apply for second year undergraduate studies at 12 Australian universities. Course fees are only a $16,600, with a $2,000 fee waiver currently available.

The Bachelor of Business program

Graduate Certificate in Accounting (GCA) Graduate Certificate in Accounting (GCA)

Duration:Different durations available

Master of Accounting Studies (MAS) Master of Accounting Studies (MAS)

Duration: Morethan 1 year up to and including 3 years

College students can directly apply for 16 courses for two years with a tuition fee of A $26,890. The course is also recognised for ACCA, CPA and ICAA qualifications. In addition, students with an average score of 80 or above will have the opportunity to apply for a $2000 scholarship.

Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) Master of Professional Accounting (MPA)

Students are free to switch between campuses at the end of each semester. The college strives to provide students with a diverse, diverse Australian life. I hope that at the end of the study, they will not only have a more comprehensive understanding of the life and economy in Australia, but also enable them to choose their own cities more rationally.