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Kaplan, also known as Kaplan, is one of the world’s leading lifelong education service providers with a global presence and a reputation for providing test preparation services. Kaplan is one of the world’s leading lifelong education service providers, with a global presence and a reputation for providing test preparation services. Kaplan’s four major businesses include: Kaplan Higher Education. Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions. Kaplan Professional. Kaplan Kids and Schools.   One of the oldest, Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions, has served more than three million test takers for more than 90 tests over 70 years. It also offers private tutoring and one-on-one application guidance. Kaplan also has a business named Kaplan Logistics(which can be understood as Kaplan performance management for enterprises and public institutions).

Standly Kaplan, founder

He is currently Chairman and CEO

By Jonathan Grayer

He joined Kaplan in 1991

He became CEO of the company in July 1994

Warren Buffett, a non-executive director of the Washington Post Company, believes education is a better bet. As a result, Kaplan has always voted in favor of major acquisitions that would allow it to grow.

Perhaps the most gratifying decision of Donald Graham’s tenure at the Washington Post Company was to appoint a 29-year-old named Jonathan Greer as CEO of Kaplan, his education company, in the summer of 1994.

It was the young man who transformed Kaplan from a “chicken belly” subsidiary into the Washington Post Company’s most profitable company and the parent company’s revenue growth engine.

The Washington Post Company reported first-quarter revenue in its education division of $475.8 million, compared with $219.2 million in its newspaper division. Kaplan’s continued growth has led the Wall Street Journal to describe the Washington Post Company as an “education conglomerate that publishes a newspaper.”

Stanley Kaplan, born in Brooklyn shortly after World War II to Eastern European immigrants, revolutionized American education when he discovered that students could improve their scores on the standardized college entrance exam by practicing before the test. That has led to Kaplan, a company that trains American students preparing to take the gaokao.

Recognizing the huge opportunity in education, Richard Simon, then president of the Washington Post Company, proposed buying Kaplan. Donald Graham’s mother, Katharine Graham, however, didn’t seem too keen on the idea. “I don’t care,” she wrote in her memoir, A Personal History, “but if you think it’s profitable, go for it.”