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La Trobe University has four campuses offering courses for overseas students, two in the city of Melbourne (Bandura and the city), one in Albury/Wodonga, one in Bendigo and others around Victoria The campus allows overseas students to take part in the study in a unique local environment. The school has 22,000 students, 1,700 overseas students, 4,000 employees and 1,800 teachers. The school is located in Victoria, which has a spectacular coastline, stunning beaches and snowfields with great facilities. The natural landscape varies from fertile farmland to stony, arid semi-desert areas.

Founded in 1967, LaTrobe University is one of Australia’s leading universities and is renowned all over the world for its excellent teaching level and innovative spirit. La Trobe University is recognised as one of the most active Australian universities in terms of teaching and research. And, over the past four years, it has also been one of the universities with the most government research funding. It is a comprehensive university with a leading position in teaching, research and vocational training and enjoys an international reputation. Maintaining first-class international standards, giving full play to the excellent academic traditions, emphasizing the innovation of teaching methods, and creating an equal and free academic atmosphere are its consistent school-running purposes.

In 2005, La Trobe University was named one of the world’s top 100 universities by the Times Higher Education Special Issue. At the same time, La Trobe University has also been rated as one of the top ten universities in Australia by the prestigious Melbourne Institute of Applied Economics and Social Research. La Trobe University is one of 3 of Australia’s top ten universities in the Melbourne region. La Trobe University is now one of the largest and fastest-growing government-funded universities in Australia. In the fields of health sciences, nursing, biomedical engineering, applied sciences, economics, and education, La Trobe University has always been an internationally renowned research center.

La Trobe University has a total of seven campuses: two in the city of Melbourne (Melbourne city center and Bandola district), one in the city of Albury in (Wodonga), and one in the old gold Bendigo, the mining city. To date, the number of students has exceeded 26,000 (including 3,500 overseas students), and the faculty has reached 3,395 (1,720 teaching staff and 1,675 library, administrative and technical staff). Its international education network and overseas courses extend to Bhutan, China (including Hong Kong), France, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam. La Trobe University has established scientific research and exchanges with more than 260 famous universities in the world and has carried out extensive cooperative research.

In February 2006, Her Excellency Fu Ying, Chinese Ambassador to Australia, paid a friendly visit to La Trobe University. Ambassador Fu Ying’s visit to La Trobe University this time fully demonstrates the close relationship between La Trobe University and China, and heralds the prospect of wider and deeper cooperation between La Trobe University and the Chinese educational community in the future.

La Trobe University’s links with China began in the 1980s and is one of Australia’s largest education providers to China. Its MBA program is highly regarded in many Chinese universities, government agencies and personnel training departments. La Trobe University also has extensive cooperation with famous Chinese universities such as Peking University, East China Normal University and Sichuan University in liberal arts, education, business, engineering and medicine.