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LCCI Diploma

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LCCI Business English International (Level 1) (EFB1) : This is a foundation course designed for those who want to be able to use English for brief business communication. It will teach you to write simple business letters,  use basic business materials, and communicate clearly and purposefully in work and social situations. The book will use a modern business context. Business English 1 will help you express yourself more confidently, both in writing and verbally, at work and socially. LCCI Business English International (Level 2) (EFB2) : For those who want to use current and popular business communication methods to enhance their English skills. Will teach you to use the right tone, form, format, and content for effective business writing to achieve a specific purpose. Business English will enable you to use modern speaking and writing skills to communicate successfully in a business environment. LCCI International Business English (Level 3) (EFB3) is an advanced English course that enables students to understand and write text in a variety of formats and styles for use in a variety of business situations. It will teach you advanced message translation skills, clear and effective letter writing, and the most appropriate form of language. Business English 3 will enable you to understand and communicate in English naturally in most business situations.

1. LCCIIQ certificate not only represents the holder’s cultural quality and English ability, but also highlights the holder’s professional skills and practical working ability.

2. LCCIIQ is the first international vocational qualification certificate introduced by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of China;

3. LCCI entered China in 1995. On September 13, 1999, LCCIEB and the Vocational Skills Accreditation Center (OSTA) of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of China signed the “Sino-UK Vocational Qualification Certification Cooperation Project Cooperation Agreement”, which was one of the 16 Sino-UK cooperation projects at that time. Since then, the international and domestic two major professional qualification authorities began to join hands.

LCCI is widely recognized by employers all over the world, and is an important selection criteria for employers in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. for example, LCCI English for Business-EfB is the most popular vocational certification in Germany and is used by vocational education institutions in Hong Kong as a benchmark for English proficiency.

Students with LCCI International certification are welcomed and trusted by employers around the world. LCCI caters to the needs of new workers, young white-collar workers who want to make a breakthrough in their careers, or who want to study and work overseas. Every year, LCCI helps around 250,000 candidates prove their abilities and enter the workplace.