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Fake McGill University Certificate

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McGill University Certificate

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McGill culture imbues students and teachers. To study at McGill University is not only to gain knowledge, but also to be exposed to the unique McGill culture.

McGill University has 13 libraries and 4 specialized libraries, forming one of the largest library networks in Canada, with more than 6 million volumes, over 17,000 journals and nearly 13 million microfilms. The Embassy of the Chinese Foreign Ministry has donated a large number of Chinese books and ancient books to McGill University.

The university alone has 7 museums of various kinds. Redpath Museum is one of the earliest natural science museums in Canada and enjoys a high reputation in the country. The Liman Insect Museum is one of the top five insect museums in the world. In these museums and libraries, there are a large number of precious documents, materials, albums and objects, as well as numerous animal and plant specimens of scientific research value. These different styles, different mood exhibits themselves are the best education for students.

McGill University is known for its rich sports scene, with a wide variety of sports facilities. McGill University also has a variety of student clubs and clubs, where students can find partners with similar interests.

McGill is thought to be associated with the origins of three popular sports: basketball, ice hockey, and rugby.

Basketball: James Naismith, inventor of the game of basketball, received his undergraduate degree from McGill University (BA, 1887).

Ice hockey: The use of rubber disc ice hockey in Canada in 1860. Canada’s first official ice hockey game was played on March 3, 1875, at Victoria Rink in Montreal, between two teams from McGill University. At that time, each team had 30 players on the field. In 1879, the students of McGill University in Canada, W.F.Robertson and Professor R.F.Smith, jointly formulated the rules of the game, stipulating that the number of players in each team is 9. The McGill Hockey Club was the first official hockey team in the world.