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Fake Monroe College Diploma

Fake Monroe College Diploma

Monroe College Diploma

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Monroe University was founded in 1933. It takes its name from James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States. Monroe). Monroe UNIVERSITY IS AN INSTITUTION of HIGHER LEARNING approved by the relevant departments of education in the United States to award master’s and bachelor’s degrees and college diploma, comprehensive university. Monroe University currently has more than 7,500 students from 75 different countries around the world. The main campus is located in the busy Fordham Road business district of New York City, and the international students’ campus is located in beautiful New Rochelle, north of New York City. Students are only five minutes’ walk to the beach. The University’s campuses in Flushing, Queens, and Manhattan in central New York City are also open to the majority of international students, as well as Monroe’s St. Lucia campus. Over the past decade, Monroe University has awarded degrees to many international students, and its outstanding student service system and strong student career guidance team have attracted many universities in the country to study.

The school has sufficient funds and a large number of scholarships are awarded every year to students who are outstanding in academic fields or have marching wind experience. The marching band and flag team of the school have participated in many large events in New York, which is the pride of New York. Students FROM MORE than 70 different countries HAVE been awarded degrees AT Monroe University.

Monroe offers associate’s, undergraduate, and MBA degrees tailored to the needs of the largest job market.

Accounting: Monroe University offers an associate’s (Associate’s) and Bachelor’s (undergraduate) degree in accounting. In addition to providing students with a solid background in finance and accounting, we also make full use of modern technology and computers to provide students with real hands-on learning. Course options include: Certified Public Accountant Examination (CPA), auditing, etc.

Business Administration: Monroe University offers an associate’s (Associate’s) and Bachelor’s degree program in Business Administration. The Business administration program provides students with the skills to handle practical business operations. The courses are taught by experienced executives of domestic and international companies. The course options include specialized or elective courses in marketing, finance and tourism management.

Computer Information Systems: Monroe University offers an associate’s (Associate’s) and Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Information Systems. These courses combine theoretical and practical development in a balanced way, while focusing on skills such as in-demand networking (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and CISCO Certified Network Administrator), PC technicians, end user support and network development skills. Students can qualify in the following areas: MCSE, A+, Network+, Server+, IC3, and CCNA.

Criminal Justice: Monroe University’s associate’s (associate’s) and bachelor’s (undergraduate) degree programs in criminal justice prepare students for high-paying careers in a rapidly changing environment, such as law enforcement, court administration, victim advocacy, juvenile counseling, correctional counseling, probation and parole. Courses combine theory and practical skills and are taught by top professors in the field.

Hospitality Management: Monroe University’s Associate (Associate) and Bachelor (undergraduate) degree programs in Tourism management prepare students for management careers with world-class hospitality and tourism companies. Students participate in meaningful internships that allow them to gain valuable experience and real experience in the field before graduation. Students are employed in hotels, restaurants, airlines, tourist resorts/entertainment venues, and other hotel-related companies.

Other junior and undergraduate majors: Business Technology, Medical administration, Education, and Culinary Arts.

Master of Business Administration Program: Monroe University offers its students a Master of Business Administration (MBA) through the King Graduate School of Business. The postgraduate courses combine practical business scenarios with theoretical learning, through which the practical management ability and leadership ability of the graduate students are strengthened. The courses mainly include: basic courses of business management, core courses and an elective course.

Monroe Accelerated Graduating Class: Monroe University offers students the option of an accelerated degree through three semesters per year in addition to regular classes. Students can complete an undergraduate program in 2 years and 8 months and a master’s program in 1 year and 4 months.

In 2016, Monroe University opened:

Undergraduate in Sports Management

Master of Computer Science

Master of Public Health

Master of Justice