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Fake Mount Royal University Diploma

Fake Mount Royal University Diploma

Mount Royal University Diploma

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Mount Royal University (MRU), located in Calgary, is the largest and oldest university in Alberta. Mount Royal College is now known as Mount Royal University.

The courses offered by MRU are diverse, with a wide range of disciplines, providing students with more choices. In addition, the school also offers a variety of English language courses for non-English speaking students. The length of schooling is four years, including six semesters of classroom courses and two semesters of paid internship courses.

The college, which awards certificates, diplomas and degrees, is now officially renamed Mount Royal University with the approval of the provincial government. Premier Ed Stelmach touted the name change as a recognition of the high quality bachelor’s degree programs offered by the school. Norman Kwong, the governor of Asia, studied at the college as an associate. On Thursday, he became the first former student to receive an honorary Bachelor of Arts degree after his Alma mater changed its name. After becoming a University, Mount Royal University owned two universities in Calgary, the other being the University of Calgary. However, Mount Royal will continue to focus on undergraduate teaching, while the University of Calgary will do research as well as teaching. David Marshall, president of Mount Royal University, says 15% of students are currently enrolled in diploma programs. He hopes to maintain them, add more bachelor’s degree programs and, in the near future, introduce a bachelor of education program.