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Mount Saint Vincent University (Mount Saint Vincent University, also translated as Mount Saint Vincent University, Mount Saint Vincent University, referred to as MSVU or The Mount), was founded in 1873 and is an old public university/liberal arts college with a history of nearly 150 years. Mount Saint Vincent University is located in Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, Canada. Mount Saint Vincent University, in partnership with Arcadia University and St. Francis Xavier University of Canada’s Maple Leaf University Alliance, has launched the first joint interdisciplinary PhD in Educational Research in Atlantic Canada. Mount Saint Vincent University offers undergraduate study in the arts, sciences, education and professional studies. It has a wealth of postgraduate degrees and courses in applied human nutrition, school psychology, child and adolescent studies, education, family studies and gerontology, public relations and women’s studies.
The university attracts many students due in part to its small class sizes, specialized programs and location. Mount Saint Vincent University has Canada Research Chairs in Gender Identity and Social Practices and Food Safety and Policy Change. Meanwhile, Mount Saint Vincent University has the only Atlantic Chair in Science and Engineering Women (NSERC) – Dr Tamara Franz-Odendahl. The institution is unique nationwide in that it has a chair in learning disabilities, a master’s program in public relations, a bachelor of science in communication studies, and many other courses, faculty, and research programs.