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NEBOSH Certificate

NEBOSH is commonly referred to as the UK’s National Occupational Safety and Health Examination Board; The organization was established to meet the current global requirements for health, safety, buy fake NEBOSH Certificate, environment and risk management occupational certification; Usually what we call a NEBOSH certificate is granted by this organization. It is worth emphasizing that NEBOSH itself does not directly provide training business, fake NEBOSH Certificate, but establishes authorized cooperation with relevant NEBOSH safety training institutions to carry out NEBOSH training certification; Therefore, the NEBOSH qualification examination must go to the formal NEBOSH authorized training institutions, such as…. Race for safety. purchase fake NEBOSH Certificate, obtain fake NEBOSH Certificate.

NEBOSH Diploma can be classified into NEBOSH HSW, NEBOSH IGC, NEBOSH IOGC, and NEBOSH Diploma by workplace and service level. Among them, NEBOSH IGC and NEBOSH IOGC certificates are the basic threshold of general safety qualification, which are widely recognized and respected by international multinational corporations, large enterprises and private enterprises. The difference between the two lies in that NEBOSH IGC focuses on the international occupational safety and health industry. NEBOSH IOGC focuses on the oil and gas industry; Therefore, security personnel should focus on combining their own experience, willingness and environment, and select NEBOSH qualification certificates in line with their own conditions for study and examination.

In general, the course learning of NEBOSH IGC and NEBOSH IOGC includes calendar self-study, classroom learning, homework and other learning. What should be marked is that the learning and test language of NEBOSH IGC and NEBOSH IOGC are all English, and the teachers of the training institutions are mostly foreign teachers designated by NEBOSH. This requires the security personnel to have a certain basis of English, to achieve barrier-free communication and reading and writing.

Of course, if relevant enterprises or personnel only need to meet the needs of basic security knowledge and skills, they can learn NEBOSH HSW. As the first Chinese-language occupational safety qualification certificate of NEBOSH, the NEBOSH HSW teaching and examination language is Chinese, the relevant basic requirements and learning threshold are relatively low, which can meet the general safety needs of enterprises.

NEBOSH Diploma is designed for security diploma candidates who are pursuing higher professional abilities and development. A minimum of 241 hours of professional training and 234 hours of self-study are required. Without further introduction, if you are willing to carry out high-level development, you can consult the security professionals.