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How to buy fake New York Cosmetology License?

fake New York Cosmetology License

New York Cosmetology License

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The New York Division of Licensing Services considers applicants for cosmetology licenses be 17 years or older and have completed 1000 hours of approved course studies. They must pass written and practical exams and take a domestic violence and sexual assault awareness course. Those seeking to transfer a license from another state or country need to provide documentation, such as education that meets New York requirements.

Due to the repeated impact of the new coronavirus epidemic, many industries in the United States have been hit hard in 2021. However, the beauty industry in the United States continues to grow, while markets such as beauty and hair are also recovering as consumers return to the workplace, events and other social activities. Therefore, the high income return also makes the opening of beauty salons become one of the most enthusiastic entrepreneurial projects of many people.

However, we all know that the shop needs to have the relevant documents, then in the United States to open a beauty salon need to apply for what documents? What is the process?

A beauty establishment is defined as a place that provides beauty or one or more of its services or provides services. A venue is a facility equipped to perform beauty services and can be a full service or limited service location.

1) Full service agencies provide all the services for which beauticians are licensed

2) A limited service establishment provides services that the licensee is qualified to provide, such as a shop that provides only manicures, only electrotherapy or only beauty treatments. A licensed beautician working in a limited licensed beauty establishment shall not engage in beauty services that are not licensed by that establishment.

New stores are inspected to ensure that facilities meet hygiene and equipment standards:

Staff must be licensed to work.

New stores, changes in location, and/or changes in ownership must submit an application for an institutional license.

All licensed stores must have complete partitions and doors separated from the residence or cosmetology school.

All stores must have hot and cold water on site

If the store is a full service salon, it must have shampoo bowls to facilitate hair care

There is a sink for washing tools

A licensed person, if a full-service salon, must have a beautician in charge at all hours of business. The licensee responsible for the beauty establishment must have at least one year of licensed work experience and be at least 18 years of age.

The application for a store license must include a drawing or diagram indicating the premises to be licensed and the location of the equipment and facilities required.

If the location of the application has previously had a shop, you must also provide a signed and dated document by a third party certifying that the new party has the right to operate in the location.