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University of South Africa Diploma

The University of South Africa (University of South Africa) was founded in 1873 in Gauteng Province by the merger of the University of South Africa, the South African Institute of Technology and the University of West. fake University of South Africa Diploma, The University is the largest public university for black students in South Africa and has 5 campuses in different cities across the country. The University of South Africa, located in Pretoria, Gauteng Province, northern South Africa, is a public university and one of the most influential universities in the field of distance education. Its history can be traced back to the University of Good Hope, which was founded in 1873. At that time, only examinations were offered to students, but teaching and tutoring were not provided. buy University of South Africa Diploma, buy fake University of South Africa Diploma, fake University of South Africa transcript. The successful students were awarded degrees. In 1877, his degree was recognized throughout Britain and its colonial countries. Since 1951, the University has been reorganized as a distance Education University specializing in multimedia teaching of degree courses for extramural students, becoming a pioneer in the field of distance education. The higher education self-study examination as a kind of education system, education form, positioning in open education. According to the idea, rule and requirement of distance and open education, re-examine the talent training mode of self-study examination. In terms of management and policy, it is necessary to realize the transformation from examination to education. order fake University of South Africa Diploma.

Establish a “people-oriented, student-centered” distance and open education philosophy, and set up learning centers, consulting centers, practice centers and examination venues. Social aid organizations, especially the education resources of colleges and universities, adult colleges and universities, private colleges and universities, departments and industries, will be formed in accordance with the standards of self-study examination learning centers, consulting centers, experimental practice bases and examination places. Introduce the learning process assessment into the overall evaluation of candidates. For example, a certain percentage of the usual academic results will be included in the total score, and change the current way of taking one exam as the final exam. We will launch a pilot program for distance education with self-study examinations and a pilot program for comprehensive academic evaluation of students in subsidized schools. In the distance and open education concept and education law, the formulation of training objectives and the development of teaching materials, evaluation methods and means, the construction of learning support system and other aspects of improvement. Actively participate in the exchanges and activities of international organizations with international influence, and expand the test center.

Inspired by the fact that South African universities have been accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Distance Education and Training of the United States, and their teaching quality and academic qualifications have been widely recognized internationally, South African universities are considering cooperating with International Association for Educational Evaluation (IAEA), International Association for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) and other organizations to participate in and promote the formulation of international certification standards in specific fields.