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Pace University, founded in 1906, is located in New York, the world’s economic and financial center. It is one of the largest private comprehensive universities in New York State. Pace University has two separate campuses, which are located in the center of New York City on Wall Street in Manhattan and the suburban Westchester County. With a total area of 264.8 acres, Pace University has a beautiful campus environment and perfect living facilities. About 12,000 students from more than 70 countries study here. Pace University has the Rubin School of Business, the Dyson School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Computer and Information Systems, the School of Education, the School of Law, and the School of Nursing. The school takes advantage of its location in New York City, the financial, arts, and technology center of the international metropolis, to benefit students and provide them with unparalleled opportunities. The university offers a large number of scholarships along with a quality education, aiming to attract top students from around the world to study. 

Pace University’s internship program is ranked No. 1 in New York State by U.S. News and in the top 10 in the U.S. Forbes ranks Pace University among the top 20 “College That Will Make You Rich” and was named by Business Weekend as one of the top 50 schools in the U.S. where Graduates can earn high salaries. Pace’s 2011 graduate employment rate was 12 percent higher than the national average among U.S. colleges and universities, and the average mid-career earnings were $95,200. More than 2,800 Pace alumni hold senior executive positions AT companies such AS THE CHAIRMAN and CEO OF HBO, the EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT and CFO OF Cisco, and the Chief INFORMATION OFFICER OF AOL.


In 1998, Pace University was selected as one of America’s Best Colleges. In just a few years, Pace University has been ranked as one of the outstanding institutes in New York City. Pace University’s MBA program is ranked in the US News and World Report every year, Lubin Business School is located in the Financial District of New York (across from New York City). Lubin Business School offers both MS and MBA degrees. Accounting and Finance are the most popular among students. The most important thing is that the teaching method adopts the small-class system and focuses on the concept of both theory and practice. The professors who teach the course have rich practical experience and have worked in famous enterprises all over the world. Most will share their experiences with them. In addition, the location of Wall Street is just in one of the global trade and financial centers, in terms of teachers, quite excellent.

School Features

Paid internship program: co-op;

Teaching method adopts small class system;

Teaching emphasizes the concept of both theory and practice;

It is located in one of the global trade and financial centers: Wall Street;

Pace’s business School is AACSB accredited for both its business and accounting programs. Only 3 percent of business schools worldwide have the same accreditation. It features small class sizes, excellent faculty, applied research, internship opportunities and creative curriculum;

The MBA program has its own characteristics. It combines the teaching of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, emphasizes the impact of globalization and technology on business operations, and helps students learn in teamwork. Students can choose from the following major fields, including: Accounting, Financial Management, Information systems, International business, International economics, management, marketing, tax. Students can also choose two major directions to study at the same time;

Pace University’s Language Center is a great place to learn the English language and American culture. All students have access to Pace University facilities, including language rooms and multimedia information centers.


Pace University has campuses throughout upstate New York, For example, New York City campus in Manhattan, Pace’s Midtown Center in Midtown, Pleasant ville, Briarcliff Campus, White Plains and so on.