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Queens College diploma

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Queen’s College, formerly the Research Institute of the University of Wesley, has a 35-acre (140,000 m2) Tudor Gothic building built by Gars and Keane in 1874 and is Grade II listed. The college’s facilities include various playing fields and the Queen’s Hall, which seats 350 people. The Queens Conference Centre (QCC), established in 2010, is part of the main campus.

Queen’s college is very proud of its academic achievements, which is because the school’s curriculum for students up to A-level is balanced, ensuring that students are covered in every subject. On the other hand, A-level schools encourage students to choose four core subjects for the department they are interested in and the department they want to apply for in the university, and concentrate on moving towards the goal, which also avoids the subjects that students are not good at and not interested in. Therefore, each student’s class schedule is tailored, and such course setting, Let the school in 2011 A-level examination, nearly 80% of the students achieved A*-B results, more than half of the students won A*/A good results. Every year, at least 91% of Queen’s A-level students graduate with 3 A* grades and 99% of students get 2 A* grades.

Queen’s College courses for students below A-Level tend to be balanced, ensuring that students are covered in every subject. A Level students choose four core subjects according to their interests and the department they want to apply for in the university, so that they can focus on their goals and avoid the pain of learning subjects they are not good at or have no interest in. As a result, the schedule is tailored to each student. All students are required to participate in extracurricular activities and take physical education subjects.

Institutional advantage
1, well-known British secondary schools, with rich teaching experience and outstanding academic results, can pave the way for university applications;
2. Cooperate with Acao Study Abroad Center [5] to provide free service for Chinese students to study abroad;
3, the school has special English tutoring courses for international students to help students easily overcome the language barrier;
4, provide a variety of learning subjects, fully tap the internal potential of each student, cultivate students’ interests.