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Fake Queens University of Charlotte MBA Degree Certificate

Queens University of Charlotte fake diploma

Queens University of Charlotte diploma

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Queen Charlotte University, founded in 1857, is a private, Presbyterian comprehensive university in the United States. The university is located near Myers Park in Charlotte, North Carolina, and offers master’s education. Originally founded in 1857 as an educational institution for women, the university has evolved into a unisex university offering education at the master’s level. For more than a century, Queen Charlotte University has done much to facilitate the transition of students’ lives into successful careers. Queen Charlotte’s strong foundation lies in its Presbyterian heritage, award-winning faculty, innovative curriculum, and a wide variety of creative programs. Currently, Queen Charlotte University is a thriving cooperative education institution with five North Carolina Professors of the Year and an exemplary international research and internship program, which is ranked among the top several best programs in the United States. Queen Charlotte’s current priority is to maintain our tradition of excellence in education while providing transformational experiences to ensure student success.