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Southern Cross University Certificate

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Southern Cross University has three campuses: Lismore Campus, Gold Coast Campus and Coffs Harbour Campus. All are located on the east coast of Australia. Southern Cross University is a regional, application-oriented university with major disciplines in Earth Sciences, oceanography, environmental science and fisheries science. The Lismore Campus and Coffs Harbour campus are in New South Wales, and the Gold Coast campus is in Queensland. In addition, from August 2003, Southern Cross University will open its Sydney campus. The school district is an hour away by plane from Sydney and Brisbane and is accessible by scheduled flights.

The Lismore Campus has the ELICOS English Centre, the International Department, which provides a wide range of specialist services for international students. Besides teaching, Lismore campus also has 16 research centres. The Coffs Harbour campus is located 3 km from the commercial centre of Coffs Harbour and houses the Australian National Marine Science Centre. The Gold Coast Campus is located in Waterfront Harbour and opened in February 2002. The video conferencing interactive system is connected to each campus of the university, the teaching and student guidance areas are equipped with hardware and software and provide technical support, the theatrical lecture hall and lecture conference room, 5 computer LABS, all week from 6:00 am to midnight, students can enter the campus by swipe card. In addition, the University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is located in the Gold Coast campus, accounting students are also in the majority of the campus.