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Fake Southern New Hampshire University Degree

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Southern New Hampshire University Degree

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SNHU is an aristocratic College in Northern New England, as is Dartmouth College, an Ivy League school. Another characteristic of SNHU is the small-class teaching system, with a student-teacher ratio of about 1:18, to maximize the learning effect of students. In addition, most of the professors of the school have practical business experience. For example, Dr. Samii, the director of the doctoral program in Business Management, has served as a senior economist and financial director of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. He is currently a visiting professor at MIT. For example, all the professors in the Department of Accounting have obtained the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) qualification. The emphasis on theory and practice is the biggest feature of our school’s teaching.

The school’s curriculum is oriented towards students’ work needs and knowledge updating, and uses campus, Internet and satellite systems to improve students’ skills and broaden their knowledge. The school has a good relationship with the business community for a long time. 50% of the students have at least one internship opportunity before graduation, and 70% of the students can be directly employed by the internship enterprise after the completion of the internship. With a teaching staff of more than 130 full-time faculty members who integrate their extensive academic, work, travel, and life experiences into their daily teaching, Southern New Hampshire University faculty members are guided by the philosophy of doing more, learning more, and caring more.

Southern New Hampshire University is distinguished by its acceptance of British HND transfer students. At present, only two universities in the US accept transfer students from UK HNDS, providing more students with the opportunity to further their studies in the US.