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Fake State of Florida Document

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State of Florida Document

Florida belongs to the United States, alias “Sunshine State”, is located in the southeast of the United States on the Florida peninsula, the extension of the peninsula constitutes the southernmost mainland of the United States. Florida faces the Atlantic Ocean to the east, State of Florida Document, the Gulf of Mexico to the west, Cuba to the south and Georgia and Alabama to the north. It is a big economic state in the United States. Spanish explorers arrived in 1513 and named it Florida, meaning “full of flowers.” Over the next 100 years, Spanish and French settlers established several settlements here. The British took control of Florida in 1763. Spain took control again after the American Revolution in 1783. Spain ceded Florida to the United States in 1819. Florida became a state in 1845. Before the Civil War, fake State of Florida Document, Florida seceded from the Union in 1861 and returned to the Union in 1868. Florida has a subtropical humid climate. It covers an area of 170,000 square kilometers and has a population of 19.32 million. The capital city is Tallahassee, and other major cities include Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando and St. Petersburg.

The warm climate, fertile soil and abundant water supply provide favorable conditions for agricultural development. Citrus production accounts for 75 percent of the country’s total output. Second only to California in vegetable production. Agriculture, along with tourism and manufacturing, forms the three pillars of the state’s economy. The forest coverage rate is 60%. Rich in pine, cypress and pine resin. The livestock industry is famous for breeding well-bred horses. Coastal and inland river fisheries are well developed, with more than 700 species of fish and shells. Crocodiles can be seen in Everglades Swamp National Park. Phosphate is the most important mineral, accounting for 75% of the country’s annual output. There are also titanium, zirconium, thorium, antimony, petroleum, peat, limestone and kaolin. The Gulf Coast port of St. Joe has a plant to refine magnesium from seawater. The main manufacturing sectors are food processing, wood, chemicals, paper, furniture, electronics and metal products. Land, sea and air transportation is well developed, with 140,000 km of roads, 7,000 km of railways, 1,600 km of inland waterways, 13 deep-water ports, 20 airports with regular air routes and 6 international airports. Starting in Miami, the highway connects a long line of coastal islands with Bridges and ends in the southernmost island city of Key West. At 250 kilometers, it is the longest cross-sea highway in the world. The 88,000-acre NASA Launch Center at Cape Canaveral (aka Cape Kennedy), on the state’s east-central Atlantic coast, is a lunar spaceport from which the first spacecraft to land on the moon (1969) was launched. The state has a thriving tourism industry, with annual revenue of $20 billion. The beaches are flat and sandy, and there are Disney World and Everglades National Park. Disney World is located 24 kilometers southwest of downtown Orlando in the central part of the state and covers an area of 109 square kilometers. This is a state-of-the-art amusement park suitable for young and old. There are a variety of games, exhibition halls, restaurants and so on, with a variety of wonderful programs, visitors can play here for several days, make people linger. Everglades National Park. Established in 1947, it covers an area of 5,600 square kilometers. Located in the southwest corner of Florida, it faces three seas, including the shallower Florida Bay. The Indians called this large swamp “Baheoche,” which means “grassy watery land.” To the east of Jacksonville is Atlantic Beach, and about 120 kilometers to the south are Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach, both of which are holiday destinations. Further south is Cape Canaveral, with its long and beautiful beaches called Canaveral National Seashore. Further south is the John F. Kennedy Space Center. Gold Beach is located on the southern part of the east Coast, from West Palm Beach to the south, Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami Beach. Famous institutions of higher learning include the University of Florida, founded in 1853, with its campus in Guaynswerve. The state capital Tallahassee has a state university. There are 79 junior colleges in the state. It’s called The Sunshine State. The state flower is the Orange Blossom. State birds are Mocking birds. The state tree is the Sabal Palmetto Palm. The motto is “In god we trust.”