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Fake Stetson University Degree


Fake Stetson University Degree

Stetson University Degree

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Stetson University, located in Deland, Florida, was founded in 1883. The university has achieved many Florida firsts, including being the first to create a college newspaper, the oldest business and music school, the first law school and the first state to integrate a private university.

At Stetson University, the curriculum teaches art based on a traditional liberal education that inspires critical thinking, imagination, inquiry, creative expression, and live debate. These methods of education have smaller classes, full communication between students and teachers to enhance the quality of teaching, while there are comprehensive channels of cooperation to lay the foundation for students’ future employment, including elective undergraduate and professional courses of higher education.

One of the major teaching tasks of the school is to cultivate students’ awareness of global citizenship, so that students actively participate in the community is a global civic activity. Global citizenship encompasses university, individual and community engagement, diversity and inclusion, environmental responsibility and social justice.

Stetson University boasts many notable alumni, including Charles E. Merylin, founder of Merylin Lynch; Michael Yip Ruigan (68), Broadway stage designer and two-time Tony Award winner; Lauret T. Kolenaar (80), former director of Bolling International; Wesley L. Watley (02), Creative Head, McGee Parade Entertainment Group; Lauren Hale (08), world-renowned surfer, is personally sponsored by the Bierbon and Bing Surf Clubs.