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Fake Study Group Australia Pty Limited Degree

Study Group Australia Pty Limited Degree,Buy Fake Study Group Australia Pty Limited Degree

Study Group Australia Pty Limited Degree

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The Learning Group is one of the world’s leading international education groups, offering degree programs, high school education programs and English language programs to international students. The Learning Group was founded in 1994 in the United Kingdom. Since 1997, it has opened pre-university and language training courses in Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, the United States and Canada. After 16 years of efforts, its educational institutions have spread all over the world. The Learning Group has a deep understanding of the diverse needs and challenges of international students entering English-speaking countries, and provides the most comprehensive and high-quality education programs for international students with unique teaching methods and excellent school facilities. The Australian Learning Group includes the following schools: Australian Institute of Sport, Denver College of Natural Health, Australian Institute of Applied Science, Australian National University College, Natural Beauty College, Charles University Learning Center, FIAFitnation College, Flinders International Learning Center, Martin College, Taylor College, Sydney University Preparatory College, etc.

Study Group is a world-renowned education group that has maintained cooperative relationships with famous universities around the world. Its high quality preparatory courses can help students to enter the world’s leading universities. Among them, Learning Group’s partners in Australia include the University of Sydney and Monash University, which are among the “eight” universities in Australia, as well as Taylor College, which provides high school and preparatory courses.

Australia has an excellent international reputation in the field of education and training, and Learning Group maintains partnerships with leading universities through:

Taylor’s College: Renowned internationally for over 80 years of academic achievement and leading Australian pre-university training and university foundation courses

With a diploma from the Martin School, you can either have a full career or continue your degree program at a partner university.

The Learning Group’s International Study Centres (ISCs) offer academic and cultural preparation programmes for international students at partner universities.

Taylor’s College Perth Campus

Students at Taylor’s College Perth enjoy learning in a friendly, safe and stimulating environment. The university-style campus is about a 20-minute drive from Perth city center and a 10-minute bus ride from Fremantle, a multicultural city with restaurants, cafes and beautiful beaches. Next to the school is a medical center, several fast food restaurants and a Chinese restaurant.


There are three enrolments per year — January, April and September — for the Pre-University programme at Taylor College, which provides links between overseas students and Australian universities upon completion of their studies at home.

Students can choose different courses in each of the three admissions periods. Course selection should be based on the subject required by the prospective university department.

January entry leads to the University’s Bachelor’s programme, which begins in March of the following year. Students can choose from a wide range of subjects, with English being the only compulsory subject. At the same time, you can choose four subjects in the following disciplines:

Accounting, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Geography, Math A, Math B, Music, Physics

Admission in April is an intensive, condensed, accelerated course that also leads students to the university in March of the following year. The programme is designed for students with a high level of English and academic achievement. English is A compulsory subject, and three or four of the following subjects are chosen: Accounting, Chemistry, Geography, Economics, Physics, Mathematics A, Mathematics B,

Entry in September leads to entry to Australian universities in July of the following year. Students can study in a number of faculties of arts, business, engineering, science and information science. English is compulsory, and four other subjects are chosen from the following: Accounting, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, Physics, Mathematics A, Mathematics B

Criteria for Admission

Academic record and English proficiency are the criteria for admission. To apply for admission in January and September, you must have at least IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL (written test) 525. Or TOEFL (computer) 197; To apply for April entry, a minimum of IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL (written test) 550 or TOEFL (computer test) 213 is required.

The Learning Group English test can also be used to assess the English proficiency of the applicant and to determine the length of intensive English training courses required before the pre-course. The Language Center of Taylor College offers English training courses to help students reach the required level of English. The small class size of dozens of students on average, the different levels of classes from low to high, the latest teaching equipment, and the experienced staff are the attractions of the school.