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Swansea University Transcript

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Swansea University (Swansea University) is a traditional British public university, located in the city of Swansea, Wales, UK. It was founded in 1920, formerly known as the University of Wales Swansea (University of Wales Swansea), is one of the universities Union of Wales.  In 2007, it withdrew from the league and officially changed its name to Swanwest University. With a long history, high quality teaching and world-class scientific research, the University has been rated as one of the top 50 universities in the UK by The Times and the Financial Times for five consecutive years. In addition, in the latest 2014REF (Research Excellence Framework) official ranking of academic research of British universities, Swansea University ranks the 26th in the UK, and ranks the top 30, and the 22nd in research influence in the UK. The University also boasts an impressive academic record, with a number of graduates and diploma holders who have achieved success on the world stage. There are more than 20,000 students at Swanwest University, including more than 2,200 international students from all over the world.

Swansea University is a vibrant, research-oriented university at the forefront of academic and scientific discovery. The school prides itself on the comprehensive experience it provides to its students. Its mission is to prepare students for great personal and professional success through high quality teaching.

Swansea University boasts world-class teaching quality and a high level of scientific research. Swansea University has a very comprehensive professional offering, with 529 undergraduate courses and 130 postgraduate courses ranging from American studies to zoological studies. The school offers a wide selection of courses, including continuing education courses.

Hope West University is renowned for its excellent education level. Of these, 14 departments were rated as outstanding by the UK’s Higher Education Quality Assurance Teaching Quality Assessment Exercise, Including computer science, mathematics, psychology, management, law, economics, geography, sociology, biochemistry, nursing, English and other subjects. Among them, civil engineering and computer engineering were ranked first and third respectively by the Guardian. In the 2002 TIMES University Rankings, Materials engineering ranked fourth, chemical engineering ranked fourth, electrical engineering ranked ninth and computer engineering ranked ninth. Both the Faculty of Law and the Journalism and Media Department are among the fastest growing in the UK. Swansea University has been ranked first in The Daily Telegraph’s ranking of universities in the UK in terms of percentage of excellence in specialist departments, making it one of 21 leading universities in the UK by the newspaper.

The National Grants Council for Higher Education Research evaluated Hope West University with perfect scores for civil and materials engineering. The influence of Swansea University in the field of computational mechanics is among the top three in the world. The widely used finite element method in engineering field originated from the Sinkovich Engineering Computing Center of the School of Engineering. More than 70 per cent of the university’s faculties scored above 4 in the official RAE assessment in 2001, which is conducted every five years, and nearly a third scored 5 or 5* (the highest grade). Stars have been awarded for research in Mathematics, materials engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer Science, Mechanical engineering, economics, psychology, chemical engineering, business and management. The research level of 70% of the departments ranks among the world’s advanced level, and 92% of the academic staff are actively engaged in various research topics in different fields, ranking fifth among British universities with the highest research achievements in the UK and the world.

Swansea University Business School of Economics and Business (EBMS) has been accredited by the Global Association of Business Administration (AMBA), making it one of the world’s leading business schools. In the 2001 RAE, the Economics Department of Swansea University was ranked 7th among all universities in the UK, indicating that its scientific research has reached international standards. As of 2013, the department has been cooperating with many famous universities in the UK, such as Oxford, Cambridge and York University.

Hope West University offers excellent books and information services to students. There are more than 1,800 public computers and wireless Internet access throughout the university.

Swansea University takes the safety and welfare of its students very seriously. Providing excellent accommodation for students, it is one of the three cheapest universities in the UK. International students have to wait for the accommodation guarantee while they are in school.