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International Hague certification is also called international notarization, English version is: APOSTILLE certification. The main instruments are used in the Hague member states or regions, fake California Apostille Certificate, so that the documents issued by the Hague member States can be recognized and effectively used in other Hague member States. It should be noted that there are 102 member countries in the Hague, but the Chinese mainland is not a member of the Hague Convention, buy fake California Apostille Certificate, take fake California Apostille Certificate, although Hong Kong and Macau both recognize the Hague Convention. Therefore, if domestic documents need to be certified by Haiya, they can be certified by Hong Kong. The following takes the United States as an example to elaborate on the International Hague certification: get fake California Apostille Certificate, purchase fake California Apostille Certificate.

When do you need to do international Hague certification?

Nowadays, there are more students preparing to study abroad. Generally, schools will require a document to be used in another country, so the document needs to be notarized and certified.

1. If used between Hague Convention countries, international Hague certification can be conducted in Hong Kong or the United States.

2. If the document is to be used in a country other than the Hague Convention, it will need to be authenticated by the embassy. Compared to the International Hague certification, more cumbersome.

USA International Hague certification Location:

Australia, Japan, South Korea, Spain and other countries or regions that have recognized the Hague Convention.

Steps for International Hague Certification:

1. American International Notary lawyer Notary is a person with notary qualifications, that is, a person who holds a notarial lawyer qualification certificate can accept notarial work

2. Send the notarized Hague document to the U.S. Secretary of State for certification, also known as the Hague Certification. Complete the above two steps, the Hague certification is complete.