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Fake Technical And Further Education Certificate

Technical And Further Education Certificate, Buy Fake Technical And Further Education Certificate

Technical And Further Education Certificate

Australia’s TAFE (Technical And Further Education) model is a new modern apprenticeship system. The implementation of Technical And Further Education is a more advanced, more practical model of education, students study, is to work, while the school model is to let students work to learn, in learning to improve. Its core is “vocational competency-based”. Both the Technical And Further Education Certificate and the Technical And Further Education transcript of Technical And Further Education are students’ dreams, but it is not an easy thing to get them. But that’s okay, you have another option, and we can help you make it happen. Through us, You can also get fake Technical And Further Education Certificate, fake Technical And Further Education transcript and fake Technical And Further Education Diploma, Our craft can pass for the real thing.

TAFE is a college where students spend 80% of their time in the workplace and only 20% of their time in TAFE for school-based study. Strong pertinence and practicability are the distinctive characteristics of TAFE. To this end, full-time teachers are required to maintain close ties with the industry, and they are required to leave school for one day a week, several days a month, and a period of time each year to practice in professional positions in the industry or enterprise. TAFE courses are also required to be highly targeted and practical. The courses range from 12 weeks to two years. All courses developed in the country should be revised every five years, and small modifications are timely. TAFE attaches great importance to the improvement and optimization of the learning conditions of the college, and invests a large amount of money in the construction of laboratories and workshops, equipped with advanced instruments and equipment.

There are three ways of doing TAFE: public, community, and private or corporate on-the-job training.

Another thing about the Australian model of TAFE is that it is not completely separate from general education, but can be interconnected. It uses the vocational qualification framework to combine the two, implementing the credit system, depending on the number of credits issued corresponding completion certificate, qualification certificate or diploma. However, TAFEs generally do not award degrees, which require admission to a higher education college or comprehensive university. Chongqing Real Estate Vocational College — Practice and Innovator of TAFE Model At present, TAFE education model has been introduced by colleges and universities in many regions in China, and the most successful one is Chongqing Real Estate Vocational College. The college is the exclusive institution to introduce the TAFE model in the southwest region, and regards it as the most important mode of running a school. The students trained generally have high skills and comparable theoretical level, which is widely praised by the industry.

On September 27, 2005, North Sydney College, the leader of higher vocational education in Australia, came to Chongqing and announced a partnership with Chongqing Real Estate Vocational College (then Chongqing Bayu Vocational and Technical College) to introduce TAFE education into Chongqing University Town. Bayu College, pioneering the development of Chongqing Vocational University, has introduced TAFE education from North Sydney College.

The key to the difficult employment of college students lies in the serious disconnection between study and demand. TAFE model will be an important way to solve this problem. According to recent statistics from the school, less than two years after the introduction of TAFE model, the employment rate of college graduates exceeds 97%. In Chongqing, in the west, and in the whole of China, is a miracle.

In fact, Chongqing Institute of Real Estate TAFE education and North Sydney College TAFE education in the same vein. It is not only the essence of educational ideas, but also the inheritance and development of majors, courses, teachers, research and other aspects. Localization of TAFE education is the key to the success of Bayu College.

According to the introduction, North Sydney College provides the latest professional setting, curriculum setting, teaching syllabus, teaching materials and reference materials. Chongqing Real Estate College organizes experts and scholars to combine the actual situation of China, the actual needs of Chongqing workplace and the actual situation of Chinese students to realize the real sense of localization.

At the same time, Chongqing Real Estate Institute sends several outstanding teachers to Australia every semester to learn the latest development of TAFE education and bring them back to Chongqing. Students in Bayu receive the same vocational education as students in Australia. Furthermore, North Sydney College will send experts to Chongqing Real Estate College each year to supervise the implementation of the TAFE model. From the guidance of the faculty, to the specification of each courseware, everything is personally guided. In other words, every student in Chongqing Real Estate College is guaranteed to receive the original TAFE education.