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Fake Technische Universität Berlin Degree

Fake Technische Universität Berlin Degree

Technische Universität Berlin Degree

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Technical University of Berlin (German: Technische Universitat Berlin, English :Technical University of Berlin), also known as the Technische Universitat Berlin, the Technische Universitat Berlin and the Technical University of Berlin, is one of the four Universitat universities in Berlin. Berlin is the only comprehensive university of science and engineering (Universitat), is Germany’s first university of technology (Technische Universitaet), is a world famous university of science and technology, is also one of the world’s top universities of science and technology. The main building, built in 1884 and designed by Richard Lucae, is located in the Charlotenburg district of West Berlin, facing 17th June Street.

Technische Universitat Berlin is strong in scientific research, which puts pure theoretical research and applied research in an equally important position. In the 2016-2017 Times World University Rankings, Technical University of Berlin ranks 82nd in the world, among which engineering and science ranks 35th in the world, and many of its majors are ranked among the top three in Germany [4]. At present, it is a member of the Alliance of nine excellent Technical Universities in Germany (TU9) [5], one of the seven universities in Germany of the Alliance of European Top Industrial management universities, one of the ten universities in Germany of CESAER European Higher Engineering Education and Research Universities Conference Alliance, one of the six universities in Germany of PEGASUS European Aerospace University Cooperation Alliance.

Technical University of Berlin has a high reputation in the world. About 20% of its students are from abroad, which makes it more international than other German schools. The earliest origin of the school can be traced back to the Mining School founded by Frederick II in October 1770. Since its establishment over 200 years ago, the school has cultivated many pioneers in science and industry, and a large number of talents for Germany and even the world [3]. There have been many famous scientists, writers and artists working here. Among its alumni and professors, there are 10 Nobel Prize winners, 7 Leibniz Prize winners and 1 Pritzker Prize winners. More than 10 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering graduated from the university.