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How Can I Shopping Fake TELC Certificate?

TELC Certificate, buy fake TELC Certificate

TELC Certificate

Students who want to study in Germany may have heard of this exam more or less. This exam is recognized by almost all universities in Germany, unlike DSH, which is difficult to apply for and is not recognized everywhere. Of course, buy fake TELC Certificate, although the reputation is not as good as Defoe, but in the past two years with its so-called high pass rate quickly gained a large number of candidates favor. I have taken TestDaF for 4 times. At that time, fake TELC Certificate, I was very hopeful when I saw this exam. So he quickly began to understand the exam.The Telc examination is a systematic German examination under the framework of the European Language Standards. It is divided into six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. The Telc examination is based in Frankfurt, Germany, and its guidelines are the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (GER), order fake TELC Certificate, get fakeTELC Certificate, established by the European Commission in 2001 and recognized by 20 countries in Europe. How Can I Shopping Fake TELC Certificate?

Level requirements

TELC A1: Meets the minimum criteria for marrying a German to come to Germany

TELC B2: You can apply to university public language classes

TELC C1: TELC-C1 level examination, can apply for university major direct admission, the official admission standard of German universities.

Telc C1 is an alternative to TestDAF and DSH to obtain language certification. Passing the test will result in a C1 language certificate equivalent to TelC 4*4 or DSH — 2.

TELC exam focus:

In addition to the traditional “listening, speaking, reading and writing”, the TELC test especially emphasizes “oral interaction ability” and “written communication ability”.

Unlike many other language tests, TELC does not have a fixed test time, but can tailor the test to the time of the majority of candidates. Candidates do not have to worry about the exam time and their study, work time conflict and miss the exam.

Five advantages of TELC exam:

(1) TELC C1 Hochschule admitted by all German University, the effectiveness is the same as that of Defoor, the pass rate is 3 times.

(2) TELC does not score by item. As long as the total score reaches 60%, it will be counted as passing, unlike TelC, which requires 4 for each item.

(3) Written and oral tests can be made up individually; If you only passed the spoken test the first time, then you can only take the written test the next time.

(4) The test is full, quickly refresh the score. Paper transcripts will be sent to candidates in about 6 weeks.

(5) telc topic materials tend to be humanistic, with wider professional universality

Advantages and disadvantages of the telc C1 exam

(1) Advantages of telc C1 examination:

Don’t grab the exam place, check the exam time and test site on the official website, with the newspaper. Exams are frequent, almost every two months. There are many test points, almost every language class has.

If you look at the overall score, 60% is a pass, unlike Telford, which requires a 4 in every category. You can make up the single item. If you only pass the speaking test the first time, you can only take the written test the next time. The result is very fast, 2-4 weeks, it seems that the money can also be expedited.

(2) Disadvantages of telc C1 exam:

Review materials are very few, only the official website of the textbook and a set of free practice questions. telc’s questions are weird, the colloquial language is flexible, and part of it depends on your teammates.

How to register for telc C1