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Get Fake UK Driving Licence

UK Driving Licence, buy fake UK Driving Licence

UK Driving Licence

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about how difficult it is to get a driving licence in the UK. There are four steps to getting a full UK driving licence: apply for a provisional driving licence, take a theory test, take a road test and get a full UK driving licence. Moreover, buy fake UK Driving Licence, the four steps are completely independent, and the progress depends on your own situation. Here are the things about getting a driving license in the UK, and share your experience in getting a driving license in the UK: Step 1: Apply for a Provisional Driving Licence. What is a provisional driver’s license? So tell you, fake UK Driving Licence, we carry is the ID card, for what business need to check the identity of the need to show the ID card, and in the UK is no ID card, account, the most can prove their identity is the passport, but it is impossible to carry a passport, a big book, how inconvenient ah, At this time, the driver’s license became the most commonly carried document that British people could carry to prove their identity. order fake UK Driving Licence, get fake UK Driving Licence.

What does a temporary driver’s license do?

1. When ID card is used: it is mainly used to prove your identity, such as going to the supermarket to buy wine, go to the bar and so on. If you are asked to show your ID card, then congratulations, indicating that you are still young and look like 18 flowers; There are a variety of business also need identity proof;

2. If you want to obtain a full driving licence in the UK, applying for a provisional driving licence is the first step. Only after obtaining a provisional driving licence can you take the theory and road tests to obtain a full driving licence in the UK.

3. If you have a Chinese driving licence, you can use it for one year after arriving in the UK, giving you enough time to obtain a full UK driving licence. Before 2014, a Chinese driver’s license could be changed into a British driver’s license through Hong Kong. Later, after the policy change, you must re-apply for a British driver’s license.

And I want to show you in particular how do we calculate this first year? A lot of people will ask if I come to the UK on a T2 visa in the first year, stay a few months and then come back, and then come back in the third year, will I be able to continue driving?

Notice that this first year starts from the day you land in the UK.

4. If you don’t have a license, you’ll drive again. You can then drive in the UK with a provisional licence, as long as the passenger seat is someone with three years’ driving experience in the UK and you can’t drive at high speed. At the same time, the car must be marked with a prominent “L” plate, to remind the road vehicles that you are an apprentice, pay attention to avoid. You can buy this brand on Amazon.

Conditions for applying for a provisional driving licence

1. Must be at least 17 years old;

2. Have a visa to stay in the UK legally. Such as T1 entrepreneur visa, T4 student visa, T2 work visa as well as spouse visa, companion visa and so on, not to mention permanent residence and nationality;

3. Application fees are £43 by post and £34 online.

How do I apply for a Provisional Driver’s license

1. Post Office application

Head to your local Post Office and pick up a free form for a Provisional Driving Licence. There are two types of forms. One is the D1 form for application for driving a small vehicle. One, D2, is the application form for driving a truck or a large vehicle. Without special circumstances, most people apply for Form D1 for driving small private vehicles.

Then fill in your personal information truthfully. There is a problem when filling out the form: Signing a photo to verify identity (get someone who has known the applicant personally for two years to sign the photo and form)! But for someone who has just arrived in the UK, and may not have any acquaintances in the UK, what do you do then? Take the form home and check the location of your local DVLA Office online. Then, with the form you have filled in and your passport, go to your local DVLA office and the staff will sign it for you. In fact, this can be handled flexibly, looking for the staff of the post office, the staff of the nearby supermarket and so on can be signed. Once the provisional driving licence application form has been completed, enclose it in an envelope with your original passport and the application fee of £43 (either a cheque or a Post Order purchased at the Post Office) and send it to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD (also available on the application form).

It should be noted that, as your original passport is sent together, it is best to buy a special delivery envelope for security, write your address on it and send it to the DVLA along with the application form. This is in case the DVLA returns your passport and it gets lost in the post.

2. Apply online

DVLA (full name Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency), equivalent to the domestic DMV, is a government department specifically responsible for driver’s license application, replacement, vehicle license registration and management. Once on the application page, follow the steps to fill in your personal details before sending your passport, photo and fee (£34) by post to the designated address. Then we sit back and wait for the provisional license to arrive in the mail.

Within ten working days of applying you will normally receive a letter from the DVLA containing an ID card with your photograph which will be your provisional driving licence, valid for ten years.