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Fake United States International University Degree

United States International University Degree, Buy Fake United States International University Degree

United States International University Degree

American International University generally refers to the Southwest International University of the United States, United States International University Degree and United States International University Diploma It is widely recognized and supported by famous enterprises, management experts and academic circles all over the world. The university has cultivated a large number of senior talents for the society, which has further promoted the university to become more famous in the world. It also prompted the fake United States International University degree, fake United States International University transcript and fake United States International University diploma was born, and popular in various countries and fields around the world. People from all walks of life are honored to get a certificate from this school. Getting a certificate from this university has also become a symbol of status.

Teaching object

1. Senior and middle managers with master’s degree or doctor’s degree; 2. Senior managers who have completed master’s or MBA courses or bachelor’s degree; 3. Candidates with advanced professional and technical qualifications or leading research achievements in a certain field of management and economic research.

Curriculum setting

The doctoral research course is mainly conducted under the guidance of the tutor, and the lectures are jointly given by internationally renowned scholars and Chinese professors. It focuses on seven subjects including face-to-face lectures, case analysis, scenario simulation, celebrity forum, enterprise investigation, distance education and international exchange.

Course direction: Modern Enterprise Management (Business Administration), Project Management, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management, Decision and Management, Customer Relationship Management, Organizational Learning and Development, Capital Market Analysis, Brand Strategy, Service Management and Marketing, International Strategic Alliances, Internet Strategy, Venture Capital.

Length of study

Adopt the credit system, the years are two years, one year of face to face professional courses, the rest for writing papers. Three to four days of intensive study each month. If you complete the required courses and pass the exam, you will be awarded DBA diploma of Southwest International University. After passing the doctoral dissertation defense, he/she will be awarded the doctoral degree certificate of Southwest International University.