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Fake Universität Augsburg Urkunde

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Universität Augsburg Urkunde

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University of Augsburg (Universitat Augsburg) The University of Augsburg is located in the city of Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany. Its history can be traced back to 1511, when it was founded as a school engaged in philosophy and theology studies. In 1923, it began to develop into a university, still focusing on theology and philosophy studies. At the same time, it merged the Teachers’ College of the University of Munich, and quickly opened courses in law, mathematics, and natural science, becoming a comprehensive university.

Augsburg University, which is only 68 kilometers away from Munich, is so close that it can only draw on its strengths and weaknesses in its specialties. Its planned medical school has been rejected by Munich.

At present, Augsburg University has 7 schools, namely, School of Economics and Business, School of Law, School of Catholic Theology, School of Philosophy and Social Sciences, School of History and Languages, School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and School of Applied Computer Science.

In 1551, the “university” was a high school (Lyzeum) for high school graduates in Dillingen(a town 40 kilometers outside Augsburg), which was mainly devoted to the study of philosophy and theology. In 1923, it was officially renamed the “philosopher-theology-University”. Since 16 October 1970, signed by the Minister of Education of Bavaria, the size of the University has been expanded, with the addition of departments for teaching and research in the economic and social sciences, as well as departments for teacher training and personal development, and the merger of the Teachers’ College of the University of Munich. In the years that followed, Catholic theology, law, philosophy, science, mathematics, and computer science were soon offered, and it became a truly large-scale comprehensive university.

The university has been committed to independent, individual development. For example, open some specialties with personality, such as medical school. However, the University of Munich, which is 68 kilometers away from the city, opposed the plan, saying that the two universities had to complement each other because they were so close to each other. The new campus of the University is located in the southernmost part of Augsburg in a former military airfield. It was approved for renovation in 1974 and put into service in 1977. In 1993, the University Gymnasium was completed with advanced running track and sports facilities. In July 1999, the new law building was completed. In May 2006, the school decided to build a computer department on a site behind the cafeteria. The project is now in the halfway stage and is expected to be put into use in 2008.

The campus is picturesque. The most famous one is two ponds connected by a stream. The banks are shaded with green. It is a good place for students to rest and chat, and also a good place for tourists to visit. It only takes 15 minutes to get to the city through the third tram near the university.

At present, there are about 15,000 registered students in the university, 60% of whom are female students, 30% are normal university students, and about 150 professors. In recent years, universities are changing the academic system, especially in law and economics, and other majors are to be completed by 2010.