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Universiteit Antwerpen Diploma

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UAMS has built up a large alumni network through long-term education and training, and has extensive contacts with multinational companies, governments and EU institutions. Most of its 30 adjunct professors are government officials and senior managers of multinational companies and high-tech enterprises. UAMS is active in developing international cooperation programs and has part-time MBA and MPA programs in Eastern European cities such as Moscow and Warsaw.

In 2008, the Flemish government officially recognized UAMS as an autonomous academic institution, with the University of Antwerp as its sponsor. In 2009-2010, UAMS changed its name to Antwerp Management School (AMS).

Antwerp is a famous port city in Europe and the world’s largest diamond processing and trading center. Antwerp’s well-developed shipping and entrepot trade links the industrial hubs of Western Europe together, while its chemical and automobile assembly industries developed on the back of its port are the pearl of the Rhine Triangle.

Located in the center of Western Europe, Antwerp is only 40 kilometers away from Brussels, the capital of the European Union. Amsterdam, Paris, Cologne and Luxembourg are all within a day’s drive. The unique geographical location of Antwerp has attracted many multinational companies to set up regional headquarters, distribution centers, after-sales service and financial coordination centers here, and the world-famous companies such as Mondelez International, Bekaert Group and Janssen Pharmaceutical, which developed locally, are well known in China. The dense enterprise group and its related advanced management mode provide a good environment for the training courses of the School of Management of the University of Antwerp.