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University of Antwerp as a nearly 170 years of history of the world’s leading schools, its predecessor can be traced back to 1852 Antwerp Business School, One of the first business schools in Europe to offer a formal university degree, it is also one of only four Belgian universities to be accredited by the International Association of Business Schools AACSB, the world’s premier non-governmental accreditation body for business schools and accounting programs. In the 1860s, the University was granted university status by the Belgian government, and in 2003, the Central Antwerp State University, St. Ignatius Antwerp College and Antwerp University Institute merged to form a single university, the University of Antwerp.

The predecessor of the University of Antwerp is the prestigious Antwerp Business School in Europe. Antwerp Business School has offered formal university management courses since the 19th century, more than 30 years earlier than the long-established Wharton Business School, and has had a special impact on the development of management disciplines in the world. The University of Antwerp School of Management (UAMS) is a university school specializing in post-university degree and degree education, which brings together faculty from the University of Antwerp’s economics and management disciplines. Its core operation consists of four parts: post-university doctoral and master’s education, on-the-job training for senior management and government officials, international training, educational exchange programs, and applied economic and management research. In 2001, the school opened more than 50 kinds of full-time, part-time degree/diploma education and short-term training courses, with more than 3,000 students.