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University of Birmingham Degree

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University of Birmingham Degree

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University of Birmingham (University of Birmingham), referred to as “Boba”, was founded in 1825, is located in Birmingham, the second largest city in the United Kingdom, the world top 100 universities, top 10 universities in the United Kingdom, one of the “red brick University” in the United Kingdom, in 1900 by the British Queen Victoria granted the royal charter. The university is a founding member of the Russell Group, the Midlands Innovation Alliance, the Global Alliance of University Advanced Institutes and Universitas 21. The University of Birmingham is ranked number one in the 2020 Times Top 100 graduate Employers list. Awarded a gold medal in the 2017 Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) assessment. The University of Birmingham Business School (BBS) is accredited by AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.

Research Excellence

The development of pacemakers and plastic heart valves, the synthesis of vitamin C, the laying of the botany and geology foundations for the British Antarctic Survey, the use of microwaves to power radar and furnaces, the application of allergic vaccines, the synthesis of the main components of artificial blood, and the improvement of plant and animal breeding techniques through the development of genetics are all achievements of Birmingham University research.

In addition to enjoying a high reputation in scientific research, the University of Birmingham has also won international praise in the fields of humanities and social sciences, education, law and other fields. It once ranked top in the University Research Assessment Ranking of the British Council of Education. The University of Birmingham has a vast range of research fields, from cancer to nanotechnology. The University of Birmingham is home to a number of outstanding researchers, many of whom are international experts in their fields. Universities earn more than half a billion pounds a year from turning research into productivity.

The University of Birmingham helped create Keele University (formerly University College of North Stafford) and the University of Warwick. Sir Robert Aitken, the former chancellor of Birmingham University, played a sort of godfather role in the founding of Warwick University. The original plan was to build a university college around Coventry, and it was his advice that changed the original plan and led to the establishment of a separate university, the University of Warwick.

For more than 100 years of scientific research, the University of Birmingham has made outstanding contributions to scientific progress. As of 2016, the University of Birmingham has produced 11 Nobel Prize winners.

In 2016, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that Professor David J Thouless (13 years as Professor in the Department of Mathematical Physics at the University of Birmingham), Professor John Michael Kosterlitz (postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Mathematical Physics at the University of Birmingham), Lecturer and Associate Professor for more than 10 years) and Professor Fraser Stoddart (who taught in the Department of Chemistry of University of Birmingham for many years and served as the head of the Department of Chemical Engineering for 4 years) won the Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry respectively. It was the first time that he had won both the physics and Chemistry prizes in one year.

Shield emblem

There are two versions of the University of Birmingham coat of arms. The first coat of arms used at the founding of the University in 1900 showed a two-headed lion on the left and a mermaid holding a mirror in her right hand and a comb in her left. The first coat of arms was also the coat of arms of Mason College of Science, the predecessor of the University of Birmingham.

In 2005, the University of Birmingham redesigned its coat of arms, replacing a simplified version with additional details that had been proposed in the 1980s with a more elaborate version to reflect the identity given by the Royal Charter. The second edition of the coat of Arms of the University of Birmingham retains part of the original design, and divides the coat of arms into three parts. The motto of the University of Birmingham is added below: Per Adua Ad Alta, which is Latin for the motto, and English efforts are “Through efforts to high thing”, meaning “efforts to achieve excellence”.