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Fake University of Buckingham Certificate

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University of Buckingham Certificate

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The University of Buckingham is the only non-profit private independent university in the UK. It was founded in 1976 as the University College of Buckingham, and was officially upgraded to a university after receiving a charter from the Queen in 1980. As the holder of a Royal Charter, the University has the right to award degrees that are internationally recognised and to achieve mutual recognition of Chinese and British qualifications with the Ministry of Education of China.

Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher was principal of the school from 1992 to 1998.

The university, which does not rely on government funding, is able to offer innovative courses that can quickly adapt to the changing needs of business. The independence of Buckingham University’s royal charter means that the university does not receive any government funding and is therefore outside the government academic research system. Academic research in the rankings does not receive points because it is not referable. Despite this, the University of Buckingham is still in a strong position at number 41 in the 2014TIMES UK University Rankings. In addition, Buckingham University came top in three categories: student satisfaction, student-faculty ratio and job prospects.

As the UK’s only independent, royally chartered university, the University of Buckingham offers a high quality two-year undergraduate education in the subject area. An undergraduate degree that normally takes three years can be obtained in two years at Buckingham University, thanks to the sensible use of summer holidays. Compared with other British universities, it not only saves a year’s time and expenses in the UK, but also guarantees the number of class hours. Qualifications from the University of Buckingham are internationally recognised.