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Fake University of California Los Angeles Degree

University of California Los Angeles Degree, Fake University of California Los Angeles Degree

University of California Los Angeles Degree

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University of California, Los Angeles (University of California, Los Angeles) UCLA is a public research university located in Los Angeles, the United States, is a member of Pacific Rim University Alliance and International Public University Forum, known as the “public Ivy”, the British government’s “High potential talent visa program”.

In 2021-22, UCLA is ranked 13th in the Academic World University Rankings for soft Sciences, 14th in the U.S. News World University Rankings and 20th in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

UCLA is the cradle of American professionals in business and finance, high-tech industry and film art. It is the second university in the University of California system, along with UC Berkeley, as one of the best public universities in the United States. It is the most competitive school for admission in Southern California and the largest university in the state. UCLA enjoys a reputation in the United States and was listed as one of the 25 “New Ivy League” schools in the country in 2006.

Eight UCLA professors and seven graduates have won Nobel Prizes. In 2006, Terence Tao, a 31-year-old Chinese-Australian professor of mathematics at UCLA, won the Fields Medal, mathematics’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize. In 2009, UCLA graduate economist Elinor Ostrom became the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in economics. In 2010, UCLA alumnus Richard Heck was awarded that year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry. In 2011, Judea Pearl, a professor at UCLA’s School of Computer Science, won the Turing Award, the computing world’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize, for his fundamental contributions to artificial intelligence. In 2012, Lloyd Shapley, a professor at UCLA’s economics department, won that year’s Nobel Prize in economics. In 2020, Andrea Ghez, a professor at UCLA’s School of Physics and Astronomy, won that year’s Nobel Prize in physics, becoming the fourth woman to win the prize.

There are 105 members of the American Academy of Sciences and Arts, 86 members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 40 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 20 members of the American Academy of Engineering, 34 members of the Academy of Medicine, and 16 members of the American Academy of Philosophy. In addition, UCLA has had 10 National Gold Medal winners in science in its history (the same number as Harvard).