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Fake University of California Offer

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University of California Offer

The University of California (hereinafter referred to as the University of California) is a university administration system consisting of 10 public universities located in California, the United States. The campus in my eyes, it is very beautiful. There are countless flowers and trees in the campus. Flowers, always open so lush, colorful, beautiful fragrance. The number of trees is countless, but each one is upright and vigorous, full of vitality; In comparison, the grass seems not inferior, is crisp green. In addition to the long history of the old teaching building and the new teaching building under the background, the campus did not appear seamless, let a person see after feeling relaxed and happy. If you want to graduate here successfully, you will have to study hard, pass the exam and get the University of California transcript so that you can get the University of California Diploma issued to you by the school. But if you don’t have one, it doesn’t matter, you can also get it through our help: fake University of California Offer, fake University of California degree and fake University of California transcript.

The University of California, It is the most influential public university system in the world and the largest university federation. Its universities are among the best in various academic indicators and rankings, and it is known as the “model of public higher education”. The University of California has its roots in the College of California, which was founded in Oakland, California in 1853. It was officially renamed the University of California on March 23, 1868. In 1873, the university moved to a new site, named “Berkeley City” in honor of one of the greatest philosophers of the 18th century, George Berkeley, and has since gradually opened campuses in Los Angeles and other places. In 1952, the “University of California” as an administrative system was gradually separated from the University of California at Berkeley and ceased to be a university. At the same time, the former University of California branches in various parts of California were gradually upgraded to become independent universities on a par with Berkeley.

The deadline for applications to the University of California System (undergraduate) is December 1 of the year prior to admission. Please note that the UC system does not offer the opportunity for EA or ED, and all applicants are treated the same. Acceptance or rejection will be made between the end of March and the beginning of April, four to five months after the application is submitted. California requires students to submit application forms, application essays, extracurricular activities, and other supplemental materials, such as letters of recommendation, before the deadline. It is also recommended that students provide SAT1 and TOEFL scores. Students are not required to provide high school transcripts, but must truthfully fill in their scores. After the admission results are in, students are asked to submit proof of deposit and high school transcripts. Of course, proof of deposit can also be submitted at the time of application. In view of this feature, the following suggestions are provided to UCer:

1. Since there is no opportunity for EA/ED, it is all or nothing, and it can be seen that UC does not want students to try them out. If you do apply, please apply seriously.

2. You can omit SAT scores from your application, but you must specify when you will take the test. On the bright side, students applying to UC can even submit their SAT scores in February, which means they can give themselves more time to prepare for the test, which will lead to better test scores. On the bad side, the risks are large and unmanageable. Since December to April is the review period of UC, the admission committee may see the applicant’s materials at any time during this period. If the admission committee sees the materials, the applicant does not have competitive test scores, this is a very dangerous thing.

3. It should be noted that in addition to the undergraduate direct enrollment, some UC campuses, such as University of California, Irvine (UCI), also offer international freshman credit courses, which have four periods of spring, summer, fall and winter enrollment. After meeting the requirements, you can transfer to the corresponding university for formal undergraduate study.