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The University of Cambridge is really just a loosely organized association of colleges with a high degree of autonomy, but all abide by a unified Statute of Cambridge, which is drafted and adopted by the University legislature and revised annually. The University of Cambridge is only responsible for the examination and the awarding of degrees, while the specific criteria for the admission of students are left to the individual colleges and students.

Cambridge’s 31 colleges are scattered in a small town of about 100,000 people. These colleges were founded in different times, the earliest being seven or eight hundred years old. As distinctive as their architecture.

Universities and colleges, while complementary, are separate entities and economically independent. Universities are publicly owned and funded by the state, while colleges are privately owned and fend for themselves. The university is responsible for graduate students, while the college is responsible for undergraduate students, the number of which is determined by the university. The teaching of all students is the responsibility of the university, while the college is responsible for the life of the students and the part-time tutoring of undergraduates. At the end of each year, colleges are graded according to the results of their undergraduate students, which ranks them and encourages them to compete with each other. The internal administration of the University is carried out independently by various departments, and a few external affairs are handled by representatives appointed by the central institutions of the University.