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The University of South Carolina was founded on December 19, 1801, with the initial name of South Carolina College. The then governor John Drayton, determined to improve the local humanities level, initiated the signing of the law to establish the school. The school opened in 1805 with only nine students in its first class. At the time of its founding in 1801, the University of South Carolina had only one building, later known as Rutledge College, which housed all its academic education, administration, and housing. Eleven buildings were planned, and a second was completed in 1807, which began as the president’s office but was later converted into a teaching College, later known as DeSaussure College. Over the next few decades, 11 of the planned buildings were built in a U-shaped pattern known as the Horseshoe. During the American Civil War, South Carolina College was briefly closed from 1863-1865. On December 2, 1863, the board of trustees declared the school closed. It was occupied by the federal army. It was reopened on December 19, 1865, and was renamed “University of South Carolina”. After two centuries of development, the University has developed into a public research university with six departments. The University of South Carolina has seven campuses, with its flagship university in Columbia, the state capital. Other campuses are in Aiken, Sokhetch, Beaufort, Lancaster, Sant, and Spartanburg.

The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest college at the University of South Carolina, with 19 departments. 9000 students. The school offers subjects such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, biological sciences, oceanography and geography. The College of Arts and Sciences focuses on the cultivation of students’ learning ability and practical ability. Students can apply for many practical internships related to their major.

The School of Engineering and Information Technology is the research hub of the University of South Carolina, with 14 research centers. The school offers popular subjects such as chemical engineering, electrical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, traffic engineering, computer science, biomedicine and mechanical engineering, which also attract students from other schools to study elective courses.

Darla Moore Business School provides students with broad career prospects and business skills training. The school’s specialties include international business, accounting, financial management, and sales. Among them, International Business has ranked first in the United States for 17 years, and insurance ranks fourth in the United States. Most of the graduates have gone on to work in major business organizations and multinational corporations.

The Arnold School of Public Health and the School of Hotel Management and Sales have also attracted large numbers of out-of-state and international students in recent years. Open hot spots such as tourism management, catering management, epidemiology and public health management.

The University of South Carolina School of Music offers professional disciplines in composition, conducting, jazz, Music history, Music theory, stage opera, vocal music, piano education, violin education, and instrumental performance. The Doctor of Musical Arts offers four major professional disciplines, including composition, conducting, performance, and piano education.