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There are shops, banks, bars, post offices and laundromats on campus. A comprehensive system of health, welfare and counselling services has been established, including a student office providing expert advice to foreign students, a dedicated student counselling service, a University health centre (providing NHS medical and dental care), a multi-denominational church and an independent mosque. The Student Union coordinates the activities of more than 100 student clubs and associations, including a Foreign Student Association and several national groups. Those who do not want to cook for themselves can eat in the school’s four all-day dining halls.

Libraries: With first-class academic facilities, the University Library has a collection of over 1.4 million volumes and over 5,000 video materials. Computer, printing, photocopying and scanning facilities are available to students 24 hours a day.

Much of the University’s research is widely recognized internationally and it has collaboration agreements with universities around the world. In the liberal arts and sciences, the university has established research centers to develop specialized areas of expertise, from medicine and metal biology to the Arthur Miller Research Center for American Studies.

The University of East Anglia offers scholarships worth £500,000 a year to overseas students. The deadline for applications is 30 April each year. Outstanding students may win half of the scholarships and outstanding students may win the full scholarships. Universities provide student dormitories, most of which are suites, but a few are for families. Foreign postgraduate students studying at UEA are also guaranteed to live on campus for the first year of their studies.

In addition, the Sports facilities are very complete, there are natatorium, gym and so on in the Sports Park. The campus is only 25 minutes away from the city center, and when night comes, there are plenty of nightlife and busy shopping malls. Students can relax and spend some happy time in addition to the intense study.

The lake in UEA and its surrounding lawns not only provide excellent places for students to study, live and play, but also attract many surrounding residents to come for fishing and walking. The University of East Anglia is located in the east of England, two miles from the ancient city of Norwich. It’s only ten minutes’ drive to the city centre. The campus covers 320 acres and has the feel of an English idyllic scene.

Mark Barlow, senior officer of the university’s international department, said the good safety record of the nearby area, the well-equipped and beautiful campus and the antique atmosphere of Norwich were all reasons why the University of East Anglia was attractive to international students.

Students can choose to live in either on-campus student housing or University Housing in Norwich city centre, while the University of East Anglia’s latest residential block, opened in September 2014, provides students with affordable and environmentally friendly accommodation. University Village is close to the campus, and there are many small shops scattered around the campus to facilitate students’ daily life. Other living facilities on campus include: bookstore, bar, concert hall, dance hall, restaurant, cafe, 24-hour library and 24-hour laundromat, etc.