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As early as 1851, an exhibition in the city of Exeter sparked public interest in the arts and sciences, leading to the establishment of the Exeter School of Art in 1855, Later, in 1863, Exeter School of Science was founded. The two schools merged in 1900 to form the Royal Albert Memorial College, It became the University College of the South West of England in 1922, on the site of Streatham, the current University of Exeter.

With over 25,000 students from over 130 countries and over 130,000 alumni in over 180 countries, the University of Exeter is truly an international university.

The Arboretum and gardens on Streatham Campus make it one of the most attractive campuses in the UK, and the city centre is just a 15-minute walk away. The University of Exeter offers excellent teaching and research facilities, while ensuring that students enjoy a friendly atmosphere and plenty of privacy.

On 2 April 2020, the University of Exeter joined the International University Climate Alliance.

The school emblem and motto

The University of Exeter’s heraldic coat of arms reflects the university’s connection to history. A golden Castle with three towers on a red background represents Exeter Castle (also known as Rougemont Castle). The 14 golden arms (Byzantine gold coins) set around the coat of arms are derived from the arms of the Duchy of Cornwall (one of the two British Crown territories) and represent Cornwall. The green cross on a white background is from the Plymouth coat of arms.

The theme of learning is symbolized by the gold-framed scroll, which bears the Latin motto “Lucem sequimur” and Chinese for “We follow the light.”