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University Of Exeter. As early as 1851, an exhibition in the city of Exeter aroused public interest in Art and science, which led to the founding of the Exeter School of Art in 1855. The Exeter School of Science was founded in 1863. The two schools were merged in 1900 to form the Royal Albert Memorial College, In 1922 it became the University College of the South West of England on the current site of Streatham, the predecessor of today’s University of Exeter.

With over 25,000 students from over 130 countries and over 130,000 alumni from over 180 countries, the University of Exeter is a truly international university.

The botanic gardens and gardens on Streatham campus make it one of the most attractive campuses in the UK and just a 15 minute walk to the city centre. The University of Exeter is able to provide first-class teaching and research facilities, while ensuring that students enjoy a friendly atmosphere and ample personal space.

On 2 April 2020, the University of Exeter joined the International University Climate Alliance.

The University has five libraries on three campuses, the main ones being Exeter Square Library, Tremough Library in Cornwall, St Luke’s Library, The Research Commons was once the main library. There is also the Devon and Exeter Institution Library, established in 1813. University staff and postgraduate students have full membership of the library, and undergraduate students can borrow books through the University of Exeter Student ID card. The campus also houses the Bill Douglas Centre, the largest collection of public and film history collections in the UK, a public museum and a centre for academic research.

There are several specialized libraries in the library, There are Law Libraries, Health Libraries, Middle East Studies Collections, and Special Collections.

Borrowing is 15 books or magazines for undergraduates, 20 for lectured graduate students, 25 for research graduate students, 50 for staff and 4 for outsiders. There are various loan periods, usually 28 days.