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Fake University of Greenwich Degree

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University of Greenwich Degree

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The University of Greenwich faces the River Thames on one side and Canary Wharf, London’s financial district, on the other side is the Greenwich Observatory, and the International Meridian runs through the campus. The University of Greenwich was founded in 1890 as Uwich College of Technology, Britain’s second engineering school, built on the site of the 18th century Royal Armouries. The University of Greenwich began with Uway College of Engineering, which was later merged with nearby Dartford College, Avery Hill College, Garnett College, and related departments of other colleges.

It was officially recognized as a university by the Royal Council on Education in 1992. In 1996, the renowned Institute of Natural Resources was merged into the University and integrated with the relevant disciplines of the University, further enhancing the comprehensive research strength of the University. The University of Greenwich has a total of five campuses, each campus has a library, a total of more than 400,000 volumes of books, spacious and bright learning environment and 1100 networked computers for students to provide comfortable and convenient means of information inquiry, rich information and advanced facilities make the university teachers and students feel great convenience, attract students from all over the world to read and study here.

The University of Greenwich has more than 17,000 students from more than 100 countries with different professional and cultural backgrounds. They study and research in the humanities and social sciences, accounting, business management, architecture, civil engineering, real estate management, engineering, computer science, etc. One of them, the School of Computing and Mathematics, is well known for its fire prevention engineering group.