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Fake University of Greenwich Diploma

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University of Greenwich Diploma

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Located in London, the University of Greenwich was founded in 1890 as the WOOLWICH Polytechnic, the second of its kind in the United Kingdom, near the site of the 18th century Royal armouries. In the early 1990s Woolwich Polytechnic, together with a large number of polytechnics in the UK, was approved by the British government to be upgraded to university status, becoming one of more than 90 formal universities. At present, the University of Greenwich is one of the 10 largest universities in the UK, one of the highest research income and consulting income universities in the UK, and one of the universities recommended by the Ministry of Education to study abroad. The university has a multi-level talent training system of undergraduate, master and doctor. He joined Universities UK in March 2013. University of Greenwich (Greenwich) – Greenwich University has five main campuses in London and Kent: Matthew Greenwich (the newly designated Royal Naval School), Uwich and Aveley Hill campuses located in southeast London, and Dafoe and Merway campuses located in northwest Kent. It offers easy access to London, the countryside, the seaside and the Channel Tunnel.

London is the capital of Britain, the largest seaport and the premier industrial city, as well as the national political, economic, cultural and transportation center, one of the world’s financial centers and one of the world’s ten largest cities. London has developed transportation and many historic sites, so it is known as the “tourist center of Britain”. London, with its long history, colorful, majestic style stands in the forest of famous cities in the world. Kent is a county in England, southeast of London, whose county hall is Maidstone. Kent borders East Sussex, Surrey and London, and is separated from Sussex only by the Thames estuary.

The quaint University of Greenwich is unique, has always been quite popular Hollywood costume fantasy blockbuster favored, has been many Hollywood directors in the stage. Such films as Thor 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, The Dark Knight Rises, The Mummy, National Treasure, Amazing Grace, The Golden Compass and The Queen have all been filmed here.

Every campus has a well-equipped library. The library uses computer and multimedia services to provide students with all kinds of learning materials they need. The University of Greenwich has advanced computer facilities, with more than 1200 computers available to students, most of which are already networked. The school also has a number of advanced professional computer workstations. All students have access to the Internet as well as email.

The school has a variety of sports facilities, including swimming pool, gym, tennis court, sailing activities in the nearby river, in addition to basketball, hockey, football, rugby, table tennis, squash, badminton and other sports coaching.

Each campus has dormitories, single-person study rooms with the latest equipment, which the university ensures are accessible to every freshman. The dormitories have free high-speed Internet (Mattheam Greenwich Campus Internet charges), and Avery Hill’s accommodation area has a general store, bookshop, bar, dry cleaner and more.

Buses around Matthew Greenwich campus: 286, 188, 199, 129, 177, 180, 386 etc. Train Station: Greenwich Station; Docklands Light Rail DLR: Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich. Buses around campus: 132, 162, 286, etc. Railway Station: New Eltham, Eltham. Railway stations around Medway Campus: Gillingham, Chatham. School buses are available between each campus. School buses are charged between Medvi Campus and other campuses, and free between other campuses.